Sarojini 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dadaji showing Nirjhara’s mother’s pic to Munna/fake soumendra and asking him who is she. Sarojini thinks she thought he forget her, but how can he forget his grandma/naani. He acts as getting panic attack. Dadi says he does not have to stress himself and says it is his naani’s pic. Tarika scolds Sarojini that he will forget even other family members and takes Munna to his room.

Tarika scolds Munna for spoiling her plan. He removes kurta to change clothes. Sarojini passes by and sees brahmin thread on his body and says he is definitely not he soumendra. Tarika sees her and changes her track.

Sarojini goes to kitchen and tells Nirjhara that she will prepare Soumendra’s favorite chicken today. Nirjhara gets happy. Tarika gets a

call from her puppet constable that inspector is bringing Soumendra to Pratapgarh. Munna smells chicken and shouts he does not eat chicken. Tarika requests that he has to as inspector is bringing Soumendra here. He says he will take 1 lakh more.

Inspector with constable gets Soumendra in jeep and travels towards Pratapgarh. Sarojini serves chicken to whole family. Nirjhara says Sarojini prepared it. Munna shouts he does not like servant Sarojini and will not eat chicken. Nirjhara says whole food is prepared by Sarojini everyday and when he can eat that, he should also eat chicken. He picks chicken with shivering hands and bites it. Sarojini purposefully drops gravy on his kurta. He slaps her. She apologizes and thinks if he removes kurta, everyone will see his brahmin thread.

Munna removes his kurta and Sarojini is shocked to see his brahmin thread missing. Munna walks out angrily. He then bathes and yells servant spoilt his religion. Tarika comes and asks what will he do if Soumendra comes here. He adds sim in his mobile, calls inspector and gives his gang members’ address. Inspector asks who is he. He says well wisher and disconnects call. Tarika asks why did he get his gang arrested. Munna says he does not want to go to jail again and can even betray her. She holds his collar. He laughs and says they are team and she has to work together, else she will repent. He then says Sarojini saw his brahmin thread and is doubting that he is not Soumendra, but he is very intelligent and knows what to do.

Inspector calls his team and orders to capture Munna gang members and trace mobile number and find out who called him, he will go to Pratapgarh by then.

Indira comes back to her room and sees sorry written on mirror. Samar sheds fake tears and says he cannot bear much insult from her family and if she trusts him, they can go back to their home. Indira says looking at situation at home, she needs some more time.

Sarojini tells Nirjhara that she doubts he is not Soumendra with the way he is behaving. Nirjhara asks her to give him sometime, he will get back to normal.

Precap: Munna tries to get intimate with Sarojini and touches her lustfully. Sarojini slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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