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Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
As they both dry out the papad, sarojini and rishab eye each other. then after they arr gone, sapna comes and tries to ruin them, but before that, the aunt comes and shocks her by her facemask, and she immediately gets interested, much to others’ amusement. they all banter casually.

Later, at the dining table, the aunt informs them that they have to leave tonight, as their work here is done. all are shocked to hear this, while nirjhara particularly gets tensed. rishab too gets up to pack. he passes by soumu’s pic and stops. Rishab stands in front of soumu’s pic, and says that he came to return to the family, whatever he took from them. he says that he could get his name out of the whole situation, but feels guilty about lying

to her. he says that he merely wanted to revert back their happiness. He apologises to soumu’s pic. Just then, she comes from behind and then asks him whats he apologising for to soumu. he is taken aback and at a loss of an answer. but then he adds that their behaviour makes him feel guilty about lying to them, and keeping them from the truth. He says that he cant lie to her at all now, and shall blurt out the truth. he tells them that they are old friends, he and soumu. she asks that he never spoke of him. He says that they fought over a girl some years back. she is boggled. but when he got to know about soumu, he came to look after them. she asks why he lied then. he says that had he told the truth, then noone would have believed him, and he wanted to be with them. she asks why apologise then. he says that he wanted to spend some more days, and do something for them, and since he couldnt do anything here, he feels bad. she says that she shall tell them all. but he asks her not to. he says that they might not like the fact that he lied, and even his aunt doesnt like that. she thanks him for what he did. she gets a call and leaves. he feels all the more guilty. she gets neetu’s call, who says that she is getting transferred tomorrow. she says that they caught the criminal who got implicated in soumu’s murder. neetu is happy, and says that she is going to the police station, and shall see the status of that case then. sarojini complies.

Later nirjhara gets to know from sarojini that their first delivery of assignment is due soon. rishab comes and congratulates them, while nirjhara is ecstatic. nirjhara gives the entire credit to sarojini. he too compliments her galore. sarojini smiles. the aunt comes and tells them tht they shouldnt be too happy and should be always unsatisfied with their success, so that they can aim for better options. sarojini says that they re happy but not satisfied, and that they have just laid the foundation, and they shall expand it. nirjhara says tht she is already tensed, of the customer feedback. he assures her that they shall become people’s favourite. she says that she loves being with him, and then gets nostalgic. he asks whats she thinking. she says that she remembers soumu, when she sees him, as he is like him too. sarojini gets tensed hearing this. nirjhara says that he shall leave today, and asks if he shall come back to meet her. he complies. the aunt watches intently. nirjhara asks what would she want as a parting gift. he asks for pickles and papad, and she is overjoyed. sarojini smiles. she goes to get them packed.

Scene 2:
Location: In the market
Rishab spots indira in the market, and asks her why she didnt come to help nirjhara and sarojini. she tells the truth. he calls up sameer, saying that he shll get profits of being the busines partner, only when he sends indira to help. he complies. then he calls up Indira, and tells him to go to sarojini’s house to help her. she is ecstatic and he gives her a ride to sarojini’s home.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
While they are plainly packing papad and pickles, the aunt comes and is aghast and talks about how they are deficient in their marketing and branding strategies. but sarojini says that they need to focus on less expenditure so as to maximise their profits, and as it is, they are selling to a local vendor which wouldnt make any differnece even if they spend on packaging. The aunt smirks, and says that her attitude is wrong, as tody is the world of marketing, and whatever be the scale of business, it doesn matter, but nothing can be launched without branding. dadaji complies. sarojini says tht they wont be able to maintain the quality with the added expense of marketing. while this discussion is going on, she gets a call and sarojini excuses herself. neetu asks her to come urgently, as she needs to discuss something urgently, in the hit and run case. she complies. in rushing out, she collides into rishab who finds that she is tensed. He asks if everythng is okay. she narrates everything and leaves. he thinks that he has to find out what neetu tells sarojini.

Scene 4:
Location: Vegetable Market
Neetu tells her that imran isnt the real culprit. sarojini talks about the bracelet. Sarojini is shocked to know that the actual culprit is being hidden, and asks her to think how can a normal truck driver, afford such an expensive bracelet, which means the main culprit is still in disguise. she is distraught. the screen freezes on her distraught face.

Precap: sarojini comes and tells what neetu told her to the family. they are all shocked, while rishab and his aunt are tensed. she says that neetu shall send her the address of imran, and thn they can go there is the morning, and find out who is behind implicating him, and the real culprit. rishab and his aunt are worried.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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