Sarojini 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra showing Sarojini’s confession video to all guests in which she says she has to marry Mayank as she is indebted to mama/mami. He says Sarojini loves him but is destroying her life to clear mama/mami’s debt. He will not let that happen and Sarojini will marry him and not Mayank. Dushyanth’s man thinks he has to inform Dushyanth. Soumendra asks guests if he is doing wrong or right. Old guests talk that children have to marry according to their parent’s wish. Young guests ask what about children’s happiness. Some of them try to walk near Soumendra when Pramod shoots bullet in air and warns dare not to go near Soumendra. He asks other friends to tie everyone. Sarojini tries to walk out, but Soumendra stops her. Mama/maami shout

that he is doing wrong. Sarojini says she will not marry. He picks her and says he will perform pheras carrying her. He asks pandit ji to continue mantras and promises Sarojini that he will take care of her whole life and will keep her happy, etc.

After pheras, Dushyanth enters with gun and shouts to stop marriage. Soumendra says marriage is over and Sarojini is his wife, he has started a new life with her. Dushyanth says because of her, he got spoilt, so he will kill her. He shoots Sarojini, but Soumendra comes in front of her and bullet gets hits him instead and he falls down unconscious. Sarojini shouts to call ambulance. Pramod carries Soumendra towards hospital. Dadaji scolds Soumendra that he is a rakshas who sucks his own children’s blood and says he is ashamed to call him a son.

Sarojini and Prmod rush Soumendra to hospital. Soumendra subconsciously asks Sarojini if she will stay with him. She nods yes. Doc takes him to operation theater. Dushyanth comes with Bajrangi and asks peon where is OT, peon points direction. Sarojini thinks soumendra forcefully married her, but she is concerned about him.

Dushyanth pushes Sarojini and enters OT. Doc asks him to go out. Dushyanth holds doc’s collar and says he knows what he is doing and he is soumendra’s father. Sarojini enters and requests him to come out. Dushyanth yells that Soumendra is shot because of her and he will not spare her. Doc takes out bullet and says soumendra is lucky. Dushyanth tries to poke scissors to doc. Dadaji gets him out and says soumendra is fighting for life because of him. Dushyanth says it is because of this girl and he will not spare her. Dadaji asks him not to blame sarojini and get out from there. Dushyanth leaves. Soumendra’s pulse fluctuates and sarojini gets worried.

Precap: Sarojini prays god that she will not forgive herself is something happens to Soumendra. Dushyanth’s goons kidnap her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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