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Sarojini 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadaji describing how Tarika bua killing her father-in-law on first day of marriage and then killing her mother-in-law by bursting gas cylinder. Sarojini asks how can someone be so cruel. Dadaji continues that she poisoned and killed her husband and is so clever that she did not come into law’s grip. One day she left for teerath yatra with her son and did not return for years, then she returns suddenly from nowhere.

Tarika shouts from her room. Daadi runs in. Tarika shouts who dared to hit her and then give her injection. Daadi says she fell unconscious, so doc gave her injection. Tarika asks her to keep her leg on bed. Daadi keeps one. Tarika asks to keep another one. Daadi says she will fall, but keeps. Tarika touches her feet and asks to give

her blessings. Dadi blesses her that may god keep her happy always and fulfill her wishes. Tarika says her wish is to kick out Sarojini and Nirjhara from here.

Tarika scolds Nirjhara. Soumendra warns her not to yell at his mother. Tarika shouts he is shameless to send his father to jail and now taking his mother’s side. Sarojini warns her to change her ways, else she will force her to change. Daadi shouts to shut up as her daughter is ill and asks Soumendra to take kulakshini/Sarojini from here. Soumendra takes Sarojini and Nirjhara from there.

Soumendra packs Sarojini’s clothes and says they will go back to Delhi. Nirjhara enters and says Soumendra is right, they both should go to Delhi as Tarika will not let them live peacefully. Sarojini says she will go back to Delhi, but how can she see Tarika torturing her mother, she will stay here and protect her mother. Nirjhara gets emotional and says she was cursing her fate before she came to her house, but now she is very happy. She asks them both to come down and finish postmarriage rituals and leaves. Sarojini asks Soumendra about its significance. He says they cannot consummate their marriage without this ritual and smiles. She gets shy and they both go down.

Sarojini and Soumendra’s post marriage ritual start. Tarika comes and tries to kick havan. Sarojini holds her leg and pushes her. She falls down. Sarojini warns her to dare not to interfere in her rituals, else she will be kicked out of here. Tarika says she will see who will kick her out of this house until her brother returns.

Precap: Tarika tries to hit Sarojini with her stick. Soumendra holds stick and warns not to touch Sarojini, else she will be kicked out of house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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