Sarojini 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra, dada, dadi, and Bhaskar preparing Indira’s marriage invtees’ list. Daadi prepares list of jewelry and other items needed.

Samar enters Indira’s room via window wearing burqa and says since their family would not allow them to meet before marriage, he came in burqa. He asks what are her wishes. She says she does not have any wishes as Dushyanth used to keep her confined and think she is a devi. He says he is thankful to Sarojini bhabhi that she got her out of devi superstition. She asks what is his wish. He says he has only 2 wishes, one to marry a good wife and two to fulfill her wishes, he got a good wife in her and now he will fullfill her wishes.

Dushyant comes with papers and calls Indira. Dadaji asks what are these

papers. He says thse are legal documents and he needs Indira’s sign. He goes to Indira’s room and knocks door. Indira and Samar get tensed. Samar runs from window. Indira opens door and says she was in washroom. He asks her to sign papers and says these are documents of her property share and leaves.

Dushyanth with Bhaskar goes to meet Susie madam and is shocked to see her resemblance to Sarojini. People praise Sarojini that she has really good plans to uplift their village. Sarojini speaks in English with Dushyanth and he confusingly says everything is fine. Sarojini then takes stage for a speech. Dushyanth tells people to just nod their heads and not pull their hair if they don’t understand anything. Sarojini addresses people in Hindi starting with sanskrit shlok that god resides where women are respected. She further says that she is investing 500 crores in this village. Dushyanth jumps in happiness. After meeting, Dushyanth asks her to rest. Sarojini says she will first watch his village. Dushyanth invites her to his house and she readily accepts.

Bhaskar calls Sapna and says Susie madam is coming to their house and she should prepare favorite dishes. She jealously asks why is he so concerned about Susie. He says Susie is getting 500 crores to their village, but she did not get even a penny in dowry and her father sends pumpkins every year as dowry. She could not even give her a child. Sapna fumes in more jealousy.

Manu says she will prepare pizza for Susie madam. Daadi says she will live Nirjhara’s pakoda kadi. Indira says she should also prepare Sarojini’s special dish kathal korma. Dadi shouts to get out of Sarojini’s drama. Nirjhara says Indira is right, Sarojini is part of their lives even though she is not here. Manu’s pizza burns and they all laugh.

Susie enters home. Soumendra also enters and is shocked to see her resemblance to Sarojini.

Precap: Manu sees Soumendra and Susie together and shouts at Soumendra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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