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Sarojini 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth entering Daada/daadi’s room seeing daada munching dal. Dada asks him to stay away as it is sin. Dushyanth says even sin is afraid of him. He checks and is surprised to see daada eating roti from dal water. He scolds daadi for stealing food and forces what else did they do. Daadi confesses that they ate kathal korma and malpua. Dushyanth starts his drama and asks how did they get grocery. Daadi says from store room and Nirjhara/Sapna stole grocery. Dushyanth says he will make their life hell and leaves.

Mayank hires goon to beat Soumendra and asks him not to kill soumendra, just to break his extremities. Goon asks him money. He gives his watch as surety and says he will give his wife’s first salary when he gets as supari money. Goon agrees.


gets a call from police station that his husband is arrested. Sarojini asks who husband. Inspector says Mayank told he is her husband and tells he was caught while giving supari/ransom to a goon to kill someone. Sarojini informs maama and asks how can he call himself as her husband. Maami starts yelling that her nephew went to jail because of her and if she does not get him out, she will burn whole house and even herself and allege her and mama for trying to kill her. Maama asks her to calm down and think FIR has been lodged already. She continues yelling that she will kill herself if they don’t get mayank out. Sarojini agrees and tells mama that they have to hire lawyer to bail him out.

Sarojini with mama and lawyer reaches police to bail out mayank. Inspector says he caught mayank re-handed with supari killer. Maama says mayank does not even break traffic signal, he cannot think of killing anyone. Inspector that is why he is leaving him and warns Sarojini to control her husband. He warns even mayank to stay away from crime, else he will die in jail.

Maama brings mayank out and scolds him to mend his ways, else he will be behind bars for life. Sarojini asks why did he call her as his wife. He says they will be marrying soon anyways, so he told. Sarojini says just because mami told, he is sticking to her like chameleon and warns him to stay away from him. He tries to hold her hand. She pushes him and leaves. Mama asks if he is not ashamed. Mayank says he did it for Sarojini as soumendra was troubling her and even mama was talking of beating him. Maama says he was talking of beating himself and not hiring goons like him. He asks him to go home now. Mayank thinks he is missing something that he is unable to lure Sarojini.

Dushyanth calls his family in the morning and says he was waiting whole night to punish them and asks them to tell whole incident in detail. He asks who brought kathal. Nirjhara says Bhaskar. He asks why did not she stop Bhaskar. She says she came to know only after she slipped on ghee and Sapna had stolen all grocery needed. Everyone start alleging each other. He asks if their daughter was also involved. Nirjhara says she is not, but she fed her malpua. He starts scolding like woman and as a punishment ties all 3 ladies hair with each other.

Precap: Sarojini while traveling in bus sees people gathered around a man, runs out to check and is shocked to see Soumendra unconscious on road injured.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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