Sarojini 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara praying tulsi plant to give Dushyanth good knowledge and free him from jail. She says she is praying since 1 week and will continue until Dushyanth comes bakc home. Tarika bua comes and hits her head with a rod from behind. She falls down. Bua shouts she sent her husband to jail and is acting, now she will die. She keeps wooden logs on her Nirjhara to set fire.

Sarojini sees that from balcony and shouts who is she why is she setting maaji on fire. Tarika shouts she is delhi wali who sent Dushyanth to jail and shouts to come down. Sarojini comes down and tries to remove logs from Nirjhara’s body. Tarika hits her with rod.

Sapna gets afraid seeing Taadka, runs to dadi’s room and informs that Taadka bua has come. Daadi also gets afriad

and thinks why did she come here. She comes out with Sapna and Bhaskar joins them. Tarika goes and slaps Bhaskar. He asks what did he do. She says he is shameless to not touch her feet. He touches feet. Daadi asks to touch her feet now. Taarika shouts what did she do to touch her feet.

Sarojini asks who is she. She shouts she is Tarika, old daadi’s daughter. She then again tries to hit Nirjhara with rod. Sarojini stops her and says it is enough now. Tarika shouts how dare she is stop her, she will die first. She hits her with rod and then strangulates her neck. Nirjhara pleads to leave her. Soumendra comes and tries to get her away from Sarojini, but she bites his hand.

Daadaji comes and hits her head with walking stick. She falls down unconscious. They all carry her to room. Doc checks her and says she will be fine. Subconscious Tarika yells at doc. Dadaji says she is like this. Doc says she has high BP. Dadaji says she gives BP to everyone and asks dadi in which muhurath she gave birth to her.

Sarojini asks Dadaji where does Tarika bua live. Dadaji says nobody knows where she lives and she suddenly comes from nowhere. Someone must have called her this and asks dadi if she called. Daadi gets nervous and says Dushyanth must have called. Dadaji says he will know soon and tells Saorjini that Dushyanth and daadi got Tarika married against her wish and she killed her father-in-law on first day of marriage itself. Someone has called her for sure to spoil Sarojini and Soumendra’s post marriage rituals.

Precap: Tarika tries to step on havan during Sarojini and Soumendra’s post marriage rituals. Sarojini pushes her and warns if she tries to interfere, she will be taught lesson in her own way.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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