Sarojini 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sarojini 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirhara scolding Sapna and saying she knows who mixed poison in constable’s food. Sapna says she did not. Nirjhara says because of someone’s mistake.

Soumendra goes to his room and flowers fall on him. He fume seeing Manu sitting on bed like a bride. She starts dancing sensuously on song Rama Rama..button meri kurti kaa….He pushes her. She says if he does not celebrate suhugraat with her, she will reopen case and get sarojini behind bars. She wears veil back and sits on bed. Soumendra leans on her and says she is right, even he wants to have suhagraat with her, but only after marriage with proper rituals.

Manu happily walks out, gathers whole family and says she is going from this house. Everyone surprisingly look at her. She says she

will remarry Soumendra as per rituals and get back to this house. They all should be happy that she is their bahu and they got rid of evil Sarojini. She will purify this place today form Sarojini’s evil and asks Sapna to bring some fire for her. Sapna brings a thali with papers. Manu burns papers, breaks Sarojini’s mangalsutra and drops beads in fire saying now Sarojini will be completely out of this house. Nirjhara gets angry and strangulates Manu’s neck. Soumendra asks to leave Manu. Sapna mururs that ammaji has become criminal after going to jail. Dushyanth asks her to go and free Manu. Nirjhara says she will kill Manu today. Soumendra somehow frees Manu. Nirjhara says she should have killed Manu long ago for troubling her bahu Sarojini. Manu yells Sarojini is gone now. Soumendra and Indira take Nirjhara from there. Manu shouts at Dushyanth to control his wife.

Soumendra asks Nirjhara why did she strangulate Manu, what if she files attempt to murder case. Nirjhara says she does not care and asks how can he betray Sarojini. He says he is doing it with a plan. She says she does not trust him. He walks out yelling nobody unerstands him. Nirjhara then get concerned for Sarojini and asks Indira to call her. Indira says her phone is not reachable. Nirjhara says they should meet Susie madam as lawyer must be coming there, so they can get Sarojini’s whereabouts from him.

Dushyanth reminisces Sarojini challenging him that she will change Indira and Indira backfiring Dushyanth. He thinks woman cannot be trusted and what if Nirjhara kills Manu, he has to do something. He calls lawyer and explains his plan.

Indira dries her hair aftera bath. Samar enters wearing burqa and says he wanted to meet her and knows her family would not let them meet, so he came hiding wearing burqa. Dushyanth comes calling Indira to get her thumb impression on some papers. Indira and Samar get tensed.

Precap: Dushyanth with Bhaskar comes to meet Susie madam and is shocked to see her resemblance to Sarojini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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