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Sarojini 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra reaching school, but watchman stops him and says he cannot enter. Soumendra reminds him of his favors. Watchman says he remembers everything, but he cannot do anything. School chidren come and Soumendra asks watchman to let them in. He silently slips in with them.

Dushyanth enters store room with Nirjhara and sees things shuffled. He asks who entered in. She asks with door locked how can anyone enter in. He inspects each grocery and says something is changed and once he finds out proof, he will not spare her. He orders her to give daadaji daal pani and not rotis.

Sarojini is busy teaching children. Sumer peeps from window with sorry card on his face. Students identify him and one girl falls for him. Sarojini goes out and asks what is his new drama

now. He says he is apologizing her and it is up to her now. Sarojini gets back to class and starts teaching again.

Soumendra comes to school’s parking area and sees Mayank waiting for Sarojini. Mayank gets afraid seeing him. Soumendra says he looks of dog’s descent and asks what did Sarojini see in him. He nervously says Sarojini loves him. Soumendra asks if he can die or kill anyone for her. He asks why he alway talks about killing. Sarojini comes and asks Mayank why did he come here, but sees ing Soumendra in front sits behind Mayank and leaves on bike. Soumendra continues saying sorry to her.

Mayank takes Sarojini from there, gets a call, speaks and then smirks. He asks Sarojini if she thinks him as coward, the he will show what he is. He drops Sarojini home and tells mama that he was right, they should punish Soumendra. He has found Soumendra’s room address and thinks Soumendra was talking about giving life in love, now he will take his life.

Nirjhara serves daadaji daal pani and he says he needs roti. Dushhyanth enters and says it is punishment for him for eating special cuisines. Daadaji angrily takes medicine and sleeps wihthout food. Dushyanth says he will find out what mistake they did soon. Once he leaves, daadi sees daadaji turning in bed due to hunger and gives him daal pani. He says he will not drink it. Their taunts and nok jhok starts. Daadaji agrees to drink water and gets happy seeing rice in it. Dushyanth comes back and sees him munching and thinks how can he munch only water.

Dushyanth forces Daadi to tell truth and she tells that they all ate kathal korma and malpua.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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