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Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Sarojini explains to everyone what happened, and how it was misconstrued, and laments as to what and how should she justify herself. they are all tensed. sarojini goes out. rishab and his aunt go out. dadaji reprimands grann severely for the same, but she waives it away.

In her room, sarojini is distraught as she eyes soumu’s pic, when nurjhara and dadaji come and try to console her. They tell her that they are sure she shall never do anything, that might make them feel guilty. she tells sarojini that she is in much pain,. and asks her not to pain her anymore, sarojini breaks on her shoulders. she asks her to get stable.

In the room, the aunt asks rishab how can she calm down, when they maligned him, in front of her. he says that

only granny is old fashioned, and that what she saw, she reacted accordingly. the aunt says that she made a mountain out of a molehill, and that she maligned her bahu too so severely. she says that she feels suffocated. someone knocks, and he opens to find sarojini outside. they both stare at each other tensedly. she asks what sarojini wants now. he asks her to be calm, and then goes out with her to talk. she says that they wont talk from hereon. he asks why is she letting granny have her way and supporting her old fashioned thinking. She apologises but says that she wouldnt want her family in a compromising situation, due to herself, and that she cant let this doubt develop, and its better they stop talking from hereon, and he can stay here, but wont talk to her. he justifies himself, but she says that she doesnt want to be associated with anyone other than soumu, and she hopes that he understands it. she leaves hastily. he is tensed.

Later, rishab finds granny reading Ramayana, and he intervenes and tries to talk to her, but she ignores him. but he makes her listen to him, and says that she is right at her point, and her anger is justifiable, as anyone would react like this, and that she isnt wrong, but says that sometimes, things are not what they seem to be. she asks him not to try and appease her, as one more time, he shall be thrown out. he says that he shall go out immediately, if she says so. he takes instances from the ramayana only to make her understand his point. she seems to understand it, as he continues to draw an analogy and tries to get her to broaden her horizon. he insists that her doubts are not right, swearing on the book. she is moved and set to thinking.

Towards the night, sarojini and nirjahara are making papad, and pickles, when sarojini says that she isnt tensed due to granny, but because neetu got transferred and how she doesnt understand what to do now. nirjahara asks her not to worry, as the lord closes one, but opens another door. While they are talking, granny enters, and sits with them. She makes the pickle be tasted by granny, who takes this stance to clear her talk with sarojini, indirectly. nirjhara is amused. then hesitatingly, she brings up the topic, as to how her hasty approach might have led to the misunderstanding. she leaves. sarojini smiels. granny turns around to find rishab smiling and giving her a thumbs up. sarojini understands he is behind this. nirjhara thanks him, and then leaves for jars. sarojini is tensed, when he says that he respects her stance, and she shouldnt be troubled due to him. she gets back silently to work.

Scene 2:
Location: Indira’s residence
Indira gets water for her husband. she asks about food, and he denies. then he asks her to sit and gets something from the closet. he gets a tattoo ink, and she is excited that he having learnt the art of tattoo, shall engrave one on her. she asks what would he write. he taunts that he shall write that her husband is an idiot. she is aghast. he vents out his anger at her, while she keeps asking what she did. he says that a vegetable vendor told him, about how she helped sarojini. she says that she just wanted to help her. he makes her feel sorry, of how she neglected her husband for her family, and warns that if she doesnt listen to him, then she very well knows what he is capable of. he then leaves. she is distraught.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Later in the night, bhaskar is least interested, when his wife comes in, grumbling about the work that she has to do. he retorts back, and asks her to stop irritating him. she asks whats he tensed about. he says what if sarojini’s business starts off, then her reputation shall rise, and his shall fall. she complies. he says that sarojini shall take over then. she is happy that sarojini shall earn and they eat. he asks her to answer then, to the fact, if she was always an idiot like this, as she would have to serve them then. he shows her the dreamworld wherein she shall be the owner, but instead shall be rendered to be a servant. she understands, and says that she wont let this happen. he asks what shall she do then, and when she doesnt respond, he asks her to let him think.

In the room, aunt taunts rishab, as to how he wants to solve everyone’s problems, but doesnt think about the motive that he is here for. she says that it was perfectly fine, that sarojini was under the doubt of character, but he couldnt refrain from solving it. he listens intently. he is asked to focus on his work, and whether he is planning to stay with them. she says that they came for their plan, and once that happens, they shall leave. he says that he is doing what she wants, and is working on that. she asks him to remember that they arent here to solve sarojini’s problems, but the problem of that name. he is tensed.

A masked stranger enters inside the house, stealthily in the middle of the night. he goes straight to sarojini’s room, while she lies fast asleep. he takes out a knife with a deadly motive. The screen freezes on her sleeping face.

Precap: Anwar comes and asks sarojini, in front of the entire family, to take back her case. she asks what good would that do to him. he says its because, its he killed soumu, even though accidentally, and he wanted to clear this all, since she wasnt taking the case back at any cost. she notices the bracelet that he had worn, and how it resembles neetu’s description. she is misled and says that truely soumu has been killed by him, as neetu told her about this bracelet. they are all aghast. rishab is shocked to find his bracelet missing, while his aunt winks that he did it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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