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Sarojini 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini waking up inebriated (with bhang) Soumendra, taking him to borewell and splashing water on him. Soumendra gets back into his senses and asks why is she splashing water on him. She asks how dare he is to get intimate with Manu, did not he realize it is Manu and not her. He looks confusingly.

Indira informs Nirjhara about the whole incident happened. Nirjhara says she will speak to Dushyanth.

Manu calls Sangram Singh and happily says their plan was successful more than 100% and says herself now she and Soumendra are real husband and wife after marriage consummation.

Sarojini informs Soumendra the whole incident happened. He surpsingly says he does not remember anything. He then finds sarojini’s pic mask and shows it to her. She realizes

that Manu is behind all this.

Dushyanth locks himself in room and thinks he will not let Nirjhara break fast today and thinks Sarojini is ruining everyone’s life. Nirjhara comes and knocks door. He yells at her and says he will not open door today.

Soumendra is confused how can he get intimate with Manu. Sarojini finds Manu’s mobile and tries to unlock it, but could not open pattern. She prays god to help her. Just then some tantrik baba’s pamphlet falls on ground. She picks it and also finds bhang packed in paper.

Nirjhara cries in front of Sarojini and daadi that she prayed Dushyanth like god since 30 years and today he has disowned her. Dadi silently leaves saying it is time to break fast. Sarojini says until her fast is broken, she will not break fast. Nirjhara says she should not waste her time because of her. Sarojini says babuji will come and break her fast for sure and tells her a plan.

Nirjhara brings her clothes and jewelry in hall, sits on clothes holding jewelry. Daadi asks what is she holding. Sarojini asks her to show it. Nirjhara shows jewelry bag. Dadi asks what is she doing. Sarojini says since babu is not coming, maaji will break her fast this way and gives kerosene bottle to Nirjhara. Nirjhara sprinkles kerosene on her body. Sarojini then gives her match box. Daadi gets tensed and asks Sapna to stop Nirjhara. Sarojini asks Nirjhara to ablaze herself when moon is sighted.

Daadi runs to bring Dushyanth and knocks his room door. Dushyanth asks why is she shouting. Daadi says Nirjhara is burning herself with her clothes and jewelry. Dushyanth asks her to save clothes and jewelry and let Nirjhara burn. Daadi says she is holding match box and will burn jewelry and clothes first. Dushyanth comes out running. Nirjhara sights moon and then Dushyanth and breaks fast.

Precap: Manu tells Soumendra that Sarojini cannot break fast seeing his face she is not his wife, instead she is his wife and already consummated their marriage. Dushyanth says Manu is her bahu. Sarojini says she played dirty game for all this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. That manu wouldnt give up.. Shes like i dont know what to say.. Anyways its boring?

  2. Boring show sarojini is to good for such a stupid roll

  3. Boring,what a stupid storyline.Sardinia deserves to be in a serial which is worthwhile.As for Manu we don’t need to know about her acting skills,cannot tolerate her face.

  4. Sarojini and not Sardinia

  5. Boring boring show mannu is 2 smart get rid of her plzzzzz n bring sumendra an sarogni 2gether

  6. Shivani Sharma

    Manu is boring plz ise serial se bahar karo

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