Sarojini 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu silently throwing pendrive from window. Dushyanth yells at Nirjhara that if he had died today, she would not have been wearing silk saris. Police inspector comes with constables. Dushyanth asks him to arrest Nirjhara, Sarojini and Soumendra for stealing his 20 lakhs. Soumendra says he demanded 20 lakhs from Susie madam’s 5000 crores, so they did not have any option than stealing his 20 lakhs and returning it to himself. Dushyanth tells inspector he is under Sarojini’s influence and is doing wrong. Nirjhara says Soumendra is right, money is returned back to Dushyanth. Dushyanth asks inspector if he will arrest them or not. Inspector says they have to come to police station with him.

Soumendra says he has proof of their innocence and goes to

room to bring pendrive but does not find it. He asks Sarojini where did she keep it. She says she does not know. Inspector arrests and hand cuffs them and takes them towards jeep. They all 3 stop near temple and pray god to bring truth out and protect them. Soumendra finds pendrive there and tells Nirjhara and Sarojini that Shivji gave their proof of innocence.

Soumendra requests inspector to look at the pendrive clip once. Inspector goes home with them and watches video in which Manu confesses that she is fine and planned to trap Sarojini with Sangram and Dushyanth. Inspector asks constable to arrest real culprits and leave Soumendra, Nirjhara and Sarojini. Manu tries to slap Sarojini, but Sarojini twists her hand and says now her punishment begins. Dushyanth shouts Sarojini is nagin and is trapping them both. Keshav mama says Dushyanth even kidnapped his son Golu, so he and his wife came here. Constable handcuffs Manu and Dushyanth. Sarojini says Dushyanth it is a lesson for him to change. Dushyanth says he will never change and continues yelling. Inspector drags them both from there.

Nirjhara lights home temple lamp and prays for Dushyanth. Daadi yells she sent her husband to jail and now acting. Nirjhara takes oath that she will not wear jewelry or colorful clothe and will fast until Dushyanth changes. Daadi yells her drama wil not work. Sarojini says she is Indian woman and did her duty by standing against her husband’s wrongdoings.

Precap: A lady hits and strangulates Sarojini for getting Dushyanth behind bars.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sometime i does still wanna if nirjahna really change or she is acting
    Maybe that person who is strangulate n hitting sarojini is nirjhara.sapna or dushyanth mom just guessing

  2. Well it none of them it ALKA KAUSHAL who was in qubool hai she is playing the sister of dushyanth it look like brother like sister wicked n cruel not father n son or mom n daughter

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