Sarojini 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara preparing besan laddoos for Soumendra. Sarojini asks if she thinks Soumendra will get back to normal with her basan laddoos. Nirjhara says she is sure he will.

Soumendra comes and takes dadaji and daadi’s blessings. Dada blesses him to get healthy soon. Nirjhara brings laddoo and says she prepared her favorite besan laddoo. He tells Tarika that he is allergic to besan. Daadi forcefeeds him a laddoo. Indira then forcfeeds one followed by Nirjhara. He starts choking. Sarojini gives him water and asks what happened to him, he used to love laddoos so much that he used to eat 3-4 laddoos at once. Nirjhara says she thought he would eat laddoo and behave well with Sarojini. He shouts that means it is servant’s plan and starts insulting

Sarojini. Nirjhara and Indira try to stop him, but he continues. He continues that servant wants to destroy this house.

Indira asks him to stop his yelling, how can he insult his wife like this. He used to love his wife so much and now what happened suddenly. He shouts even at her to shut up in Punjabi style. Everyone are shocked to hear his changed lingo. Tarika thinks he will spoil everything. He then starts coughing. Sarojini apologizes him for feeding him water and says she wanted to save his life, but from hereon she will not trouble him.

Sarojini goes to Samar and Indira’s room and says Samar that she found his lens in washroom. He says it is not his lens. Munna/Soumendra hears that and to divert attention starts insulting Samar why is he wearing his shirt being a servant. Samar thinks let Munna insult him, Indira will feel sorry for him and will agree to come with him. He apologizes Munna and removes shirt. Sarojini thinks how can Soumendra just forget only her and Samar and remember everyone, she has to find out what is happening.

New inspector comes to Soumendra’s cell and asks him to accept his crime, so that he can get only life sentence instead of hanging. Soumendra says he is innocent and is being framed. He is from Pratapgarh and has a family there, he should come with him and find out truth and help him get justice.

Tarika slaps Munna for overacting and warns him. He warns her that he will not accept her insult. Constable calls Tarika and informs that new inspector is bringing Soumendra to Prataphgarh for investigation. Tarika yells at Munna.

Precap: Munna orders Sarojini to smear whole house walls with cow dung. He mixes acid in cow dung mixture. Sarojini picks bucket. Constables torture Soumendra. Inspector says if he is criminal, he would have accepted his crime, he will take him to Pratapgarh now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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