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Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
When rishab hints no, the aunt apologises to sarojini for her behaviour last day, with the inspector and her too, as she realised her mistake. sarojini says this isnt needed, as self realisation is the best rememdy to a wrong deed. they both smile, and then the aunt leaves. rishab is relieved.

In his room, rishab is extremely tensed remembering the incident that had killed soumu. he finds nirjhara standing in front of him, and gets startled. she asks why is he tensed. he sneezes and she gets concerned. then she makes his taste the papad and pickles that she made. he swears that they are the best he has ever had. she praises him, and says that now that he likes them, she is sure of their success. blessings him galore, she leaves, blessing that

whatever he has come to do, should come true. he is worried. He thinks that this isnt right, and he is doing this to such good people, and on top of that, aunt is hell bent on ruining them. he laments as to what should she do.

At the dining table, all listen to the tantrums of the aunt, as she is irritated of the extreme heat, when bhaskar’s wife intentionally serves a fan right in front of the aunt, which untangles her hair. Sarojini changes the directions, so that she can untangle her hair. bhaskar reprimands his wife for his foolishness. she apologises. Nirjhara asks the bahus to serve food to everyone. they comply. seeing their table manners, she exclaims if they dont eat with fork and spoon. sarojini says that when they have been given fingers then why not eat with clean hands. Then the aunt requests and asks if she can remove this plate. sarojini is about to comply, when bhaskar gets angry that noone here knows how to treat the guests. he then asks sarojini to shut up, as the world doesnt want to run according to her. the aunt asks rishab to get her travel basket. he complies. she gets the fork and spoon out of it, and a napkin. all watch amused and intently, as she wipes everything down, feeling pretty disgusted. bhaskar asks them all to learn the proper manners. the aunt says that she prefers her bone china plate wherever she eats. sarojini says that she shall ensure that till her stay in the house. nirjhara asks her to eat too, as sarojini has to go to the market with her for their new business. Granny asks her not to be hasty and make wrong decisions. but sarojini assures that they wont let the family be at loss. she also decides to call indira, so that she too can help.

Later, sarojini waits for nirjhara who comes, and then Indira joins them too. she is about to come to them, when she gets a call and gets tensed. she turns around to receive it. her husband hollers that she did finally go to help sarojini. indira says that she just came to meet everyone. he cancels, and she pretends to be all smiles. sarojini is tensed. granny comes and asks if they havent gone yet. sarojini says now that indira has come, they shall go. bhaskar’s wife too tags along to join in. granny reprimands her and asks her to stay back, and make her a cup of tea. sarojini and nirjhara get tensed. granny hurriedly sends them off.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
As they go on the road, Rishab gets anwar, and shows him sarojini, and then asks him to do what the aunt told, and his family shall get the money and be taken care of. sarojini remembers that she forgot the purse, and asks them to go ahead, while she joins them back. rishab is tensed, as he sends anwar after her.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
while sarojini goes back, she receives a call, from neetu telling her, that she ahs been transferred, due to her unofficial investigation. she dials neetu and then apologises that she had to face this due to her, and thanks for her help and the clue that she has told, she would one day definitely find out the culprit. the aunt hears this from a distance and smirks. While he is arranging clothes in his room, when sarojini comes and asks whats he searching for. he says that he is searching for a lucky charm. she comments that the room is so unclean that its natural for him to lose things. she asks him to step aside. she says that she shall see and help him. she tries to look for it, and then trips over, and is about to fall, when as fate would have it, she falls right in rishab’s arms, who dives in just in time to catch her. an awkward embrace and eyelock follows. Granny comes in just then, and is aghast at what she sees. she starts reprimanding sarojini for being infidel and characterless, and asks how long has this been going on, and what should she say now. she stands embarassed and mortified. the entire family comes in and watches tensedly. granny says that day aslso she saw them at three in the night, but thought of it as a co-incidence. rishab intervenes. granny asks if she said anything, but sarojini forgot that she is soumu’s widow, and what she saw today cant be falsified. she asks why is she appeasing him. she asks if she forgot all the manners. she asks rishab what he saw in her. the aunt intervenes and asks how dare she cast insinuation on his character, and if she even knows about him. she says that he isnt a normal person, but highly courteous. she asks if he would go after a normal girl like sarojini, and she should have seen the difference between their standards, as he gets the most eligible of bachelors. granny asks what was all this then. they are all aghast. dadaji asks her to shut up now. nirjhara sides with her, and says that she knows sarojini, and she can never do anything like that, and even rishab cant do it, and maybe its a misunderstanding. granny says that she has misunderstood him to be a good human being, and that he shall just enjoy this widow and then move on. the aunt retaliates back saying that they should control sarojini then, in limits, and not try and blame rishab. sarojini asks them botht to shut up, as they both are mature but without knowing anything, they came to conclusions. she says that granny merely misunderstood, as its all wrong, and can never be. she breaks into inconsolable tears. she begs the aunt not to make a joke of her and her family, and maybe they arent as rich, but they do have self respect. she asks everyone not to blame her or rishab. she tells granny that she is hurt, as she has been with them through thick and thin, yet she didnt think twice before maligning her character, and that she just thinks about soumu and his dream, as her motive os to get the culprit punished and realise her dream. granny doesnt bother. rishab is tensed. The screen freezes on her distraught face.

Precap: A masked stranger enters inside the house, stealthily in the middle of the night. he goes straight to sarojini’s room, while she lies fast asleep. he takes out a knife with a deadly motive.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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