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Sarojini 5th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A lady who is bringing sarojini’s haldi/tumeric paste drops it while walking. Soumendra says he will bring another tumeric paste and asks her not to tell anyone. She agrees and asks him to add some gulab jal/rose water in it. Maami waits for the lady. Soumendra enters with haldi. Maami asks why is he bring haldi. Lady enters and says this boy helped me pay autowala and bring haldi here. Another lady sees haldi on Soumendra’s hand and asks if he wants to become groom soon. Sarojini gets emotional seeing Soumendra’s efforts.

Soumendra sees ladder falling on Sarojini, runs and leans on her. Ladder falls on him. Maama comes running, picks up ladder and asks if he is fine. He says he is fine and asks people to continue playing songs. Mayank fumes seeing Soumendra’s

interference and tells his mom he wants to get Soumendra arrested for 2 days. Mom says not to even think of it as Soumendra’s dad is very powerful and will not spare them.

Dushyanth tells his politician friend once Sarojini marries, he will drag Soumendra to Pratapgarh and force him to marry MLA sangram singh’s daughter.

Soumendra clicks Sarojini’s room’s pics. Golu praises Soumendra that he changed Sarojini’s room’s look with paintings and decorations. Sarojini then goes to home temple and adds oil in lamp. Soumendra asks her to fill it full. She pours oil looking at him and drops it on floor. He holds her hand and stops and says he wants to see her happy. His friend Pramod calls and says he dropped dadaji outside home. He informs Sarojini. Maami hears that and yells that his family members are also coming now. She asks Soumendra to go and meet dadaji and asks Sarojini to go and rest till next rituals start. Soumendra gives his gift and says he will go and meet dadaji.

Bhaskar comes home tired after searching dada and sees daadi calmly working. He asks if she knows where is Dada. She says he has gone to Banaras for holy bath. He asks why did not she inform him. She says she forgot due to old age and walks out silently. Bhaskar thinks something is wrong, he needs to find out.

Soumendra meets dadaji and gets happy. Dada says Dushyanth is also in Delhi. Soumendra asks why did not he meet him then. Dada says he must be planning something. Daada asks who is the girl who made him mad. Soumendra says he knows that girl and shows Sarojini’s pic. Dada gets happy and says he is proud of his choice and dances and sings song Dilwale dulhaniya dejayenge… Soumendra hugs him and says he is happy that he came.

Bhaskar calls Promod who informs that dadaji is in Delhi. Dusyhanth calls Bhaskar next and asks if he found dadaji. He nervously says he is in Delhi.

Dadaji informs Soumendra that Bhaskar unknowingly informed Bhaskar that he is here, so Dushyanth may come to his hostel any time. Soumendra says Sarojini that dada is tired and is having fever and he cannot take him to hostel, if she can keep him at her home tonight. Maama yells that her house is not dharamshala. Maama stops her and says it is his goodluck that an elder person will stay in his home and says dadaji he can stay here. Sarojini apologizes Soumendra and dadaji on mami’s behalf.

Soumendra reaches home and sees Dushyanth there. He asks why did he come here. Dushyanth says he is his father. Soumendra asks why did not he meet him even after being here since 4 days. Dushyanth says he has gone mad in Sarojini’s love and is working as a labor in her house. Soumendra says it is none of his business. Dushyanth slaps him. Soumendra says he is a ruthless father and cannot understand his love. Dushyanth says his son insulting him for that girl’s love. Soumendra asks him to beat more. Dushyanth says he will kill him if he does not forget Sarojini. Soumendra says he is not his father now. Dusyanth raises hand to slap again,, but Soumendra holds his hand and warns him don’t ever try to. Pramod interferes and asks Dushyanth to forgive Soumendra and says he is helping in sarojini’s marriage. Dusyanth asks why is he helping her and says whatever he tries, he will not let him marry Sarojini, he will go from Delhi taking him and dadaji for sure.

Soumendra goes to temple and prays god prays god to show him right path. He then goes to sarojini’s room, but her friends stop him. He says he brought samosas for them and asks to go and enjoy in open air. Once all friends walk out, Soumendra gives prasad to Sarojini and says he prayed for her and Soumendra’s peaceful marriage. Sorjini says Mayank and not Soumendra. He realizes his mistake.

Sarojini sits for premarriage pooja. Pandit sees broken idol and says it is abshagun to perform pooja of broken idol and asks mama to bring another idol. Maama calls Mayank’s mother who rudely asks why did he call. He says her sent idol is broken. She says she sent intact idol. He asks if she can send new one. She agrees. Soumendra asks mama what happened. Mama says Mayank has to send new idol for pooja. Soumendra gives ganesh coin and asks to perform pooja with it. Mama says as per rituals, groom has to send idol. Soumendra says rituals are made by people and says he will collect money of coin from Mayank. Maama agrees and gives coin for pooja.

After pooja, Dushyanth enters and asks to continue rituals, he just came to meet his father. He touches dadaji’s feet and warns him to come with him in 5 min, else he will repent. He then tells Sarojini that he got a gift for her and gives Soumendra and MLA’s daughter Manisha’s marriage invitation card. Soumendra asks if he came here to insult him. Dushyanth says he came to invitation for marriage and take dadaji from here. Soumendra says Dadaji will not go from here. Dadaji thinks he has to go with Dushyanth to help soumendra. He huts soumendra and murmurs in ears that he has to go with Dushyanth to stop him from doing any mistake.

Soumendra takes Sarojini in car to marriage hall. On the way, Sarojini and Soumendra reminisce their happier moments. Mayank’s mom gets him ready and says now Soumendra cannot harm him. Mayank says he cannot and has planned something if soumendra tries to harm him.

Nirjhara calls Dushyanth and he yells at her that she should die for giving birth to a disobedient son. He asks her to die before 8 p.m. as Sarojini’s marriage is at 8 p.m.

Sarojini’s marriage rituals start. Mami gives Sarojini rice and asks her to throw on Mayank. She throws it on Soumendra instead. Maami yells at Soumendra that he interferes everywhere. Maamai says not to worry, it happens during marriage. Mayank orders his goons to keep an eye on Soumendra.

Celebrities dance performance starts during Sarojini’s marriage. Krystle D’souza and Karan Thacker dance on mai hoona hero tera….song first and then mehandi lagake rakhna, doli sajake rakhna… Soumendra and Sarojini look at each other emotionally.

Dushyanth locks dadaji into room. Dadaji asks him to free him. Dushyanth says he will not until he tells Soumendra’s plan. Daadji hopes Soumendra’s plan must be working well.

Bhaskar calls Soumendra and tells that amma fell from balcony and is in hospital and asks him to call Dushyanthand informs as his phone is not reachable. Soumendra calls Dushyanth and informs that amma fell from balcony. Dushyanth smirks and starts crying fakely. He asks Soumendra to go home and he will send him flight tickets. Soumendra goes to Sarojini and says he wants to talk to her. Mayank says he cannot. Sarojini follows soumendra and asks what happened. He says his mom met with an accident and he has to rush home. Pramod also hears that and asks that is he telling. Soumendra says he is telling truth and says Sarojini he knows she does not want to marry Mayank, but there is no other go. His friend will stay here and take care of marriage. Pramod asks him not to worry and go home. Sarojni and Pramod pray for Soumendra’s mom.

Dadaji thinks to get truth from autodriver, picks phone with his walking stick’s help, calls driver and asks him to go and find out if Nirjhara is fine. Dadi and Sapna help injured Nijhara walk till sofa. Nijhara is seen with some scratches on hands and writhing in pain. Dushyanth comes back and asks dadaji to come with him as Soumendra left for Pratapgarh.

Mouli Ganguli and Aishwarya Sakhuja’s performance starts with them dancing on Aaj ki raat… song.. Soumendra rushes towards airport in a car. Autodriver calls him and says dadaji asked him to check Nijhara and inform him and says ammaji god some scratches but is fine. Soumendra asks driver to take U turn and drive car back to Sarojini’s marriage hall. He then hurriedly enters marriage hall.

Precap: Soumendra performs pheras by carying Sarojini. Dushyanth enters with gun and shoots at Sarojini. Soumendra stands in front of Sarojini to protect her and bullet hits his shoulder and he falls down. Sarojini shouts Soumendra’s name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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