Sarojini 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Komal informing Soumendra’s family that Soumendra is dead and one standing with them is Munna. Soumendra keeps quiet thinking Komal will harm family. Nirjhara and whole family starts crying. Komal asks Munna to tell how he killed Soumendra and threw him in river. He says Sarojini did not let family see Soumendra’s body and his soul most be wandering around. Nirjhara asks Sarojini why did she do this and slaps her. Komal says he tranferred this house in his name. Dadaji is shocked and wobbles. Dadi holds him. Komal says he wants Dada to fall and asks Sarojini when is she going out with family. Sarojini says he cannot do this. He says he can and she knows what else he can do. She says she will go in the morning. He says she should go right now.

Sarojini opens door hearing door bell and is shocked to see Bhaskar and Sapna. Whole family stand tensed. Bhaskar asks if they are not happy seeing them and Sapna asks Sarojini why is she looking tensed. Komal calls Bhaskar and says he knows who he is. Bhaskar says he heard him asking family to get out, asks if it is his father’s house, and asks to get out from his house, else he will cut him into pieces and throw away. Soumendra interferes and asks Bhaskar to back off. Bhaskar asks what is he doing. Soumendra says he is Munna and nobody can insult Komal bhai. Bhaskar is shocked. Komal asks Soumendra to kick out Sarojini and family. Sarojini pleads to let them stay tonight. Komal agrees.

Soumendra goes to Komal’s room and hesitantly drinking alcohol with him tells Sarojini is very intelligent and will take family somewhere else and live happily, they should let family stay here and get work like a servant.
Sarojini reminisces all the recent events and thinks Munna is Soumendra and is acting.

Precap: Sarojini hugs Soumendra and says she knew he is alive. Soumendra apologizes family and says they have to continue this drama, else. Inebriated Komal enters and asks what else, he knows the truth now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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