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Sarojini 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarojini slaps Manu and asks if she needs more. Manu shouts how dare she is to slap Sangram Singh’s daughter and shouts to call her dad. Nirjhara says let him call, she will slap him for 1 hour. Dushyanth shouts at Nirjhara that she is flying high, he will punish her.

Manu warns Sarojini that she will take revenge from her now. She brings divorce papers and says she signed them before marriage itself and her marriage is invalid. Soumendra says these papers have I love you and I love you too in place his and Sarojini’s signatures. Dushyanth shouts this is betrayal. Soumendra says this is nothing in front of what he did with Sarojini. Dushyanth points gun and says he has called police. Soumendra says when he could not do anything, what will police do.
Manu shouts

to call police. Soumendra warns to back off as he has recorded her fake bullet statement. She gets tensed and thinks where did she drop pendrive.

Samar and Indira enter. Manu shows them to Dushyanth. Dushyanth shouts nobody will let them in. Samar enters forcefully. Dushyanth slaps him repeatedly. Soumendra locks him in room and shouts to leave him. Nirjhara slaps Indira and says she should have died instead of harming family’s dignity. Samar tries to intervene, but Bhaskar holds him. Dadaji tells Indira she dented his name, he will never forgive her. Sarojini says we don’t have any other way than forgiving her. Sapna says if we keep her at home, people will spit on them. Bhaskar shouts at Indira to take mad Samar from here, else he will kill them both. Soumendra asks Indira why did she come back. Indira says she needed their blessings and came back even after knowing they will reject her.

Dushyanth shouts to get him out. Indira says he is the one who brought Samar and told he is her husband, what wrong she did if she married the man she loves. Sarojini says she has right to marry the person she loves.

Family hears gun sound from Dushyanth room, see blood coming out, and runs towards him. They see him on bed and plead to wake up. Dushyanth wakes up and says he will not die so easily. He then yells at Nirhara that she wants to make him her slave and tries to hit her with gunny bag. Soumendra stops him and throws bag. Pendrive falls from it. Manu sees it and silently it picks while the family drama continues. Dushyanth continues yelling at Nirjhara and then Sarojini. Bhaskar informs police came. Dushyanth warns mama/mami not to open their mouth, else they will also go to jail. Manu smirks.

Precap: Police drags Sarojini and Soumendra. Nirjhara prays god to do justice as he knows everything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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