Sarojini 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra snatching mobile from Sarojini’s hands. She gets pushed in a tussle by my mistake, hits her head on wall, and falls on floor unconscious. Teachers start scolding him that he tried to kill his teacher. Soumendra picks Sarojini, runs on road and pleads vehicles to help. Nobody cares. At last a taxi stops. He puts Sarojini in and rushes towards hospital. Sarojini wakes up by the time hospital comes. Soumendra brings peons and stretchers and asks her to sleep on stretcher and rushes into hospital.

At hospital, doc nurses Sarojini’s forehead wound while Soumendra waits outside. Principal rushes to hospital, scolds Soumendra. Sarojini comes out. Principal and Soumendra’s argument starts and principal restricates Soumendra from school on all

teacher and Sarojini’s complaint.

Mayank rushes to Sarojini’s home and asks maami where is she, he heard she met with an accident due to Mayank. Maama also gets tensed. Saroji enters with injured forehead. Mama hears sarojini’s story and tells he himself will go to Soumendra goon’s house and confront him. Mayank gets afraid and says he won’t be at home, so they should complain in police. Sarojini says there is no need for police complaint as Soumendra has been restricted from studies and his career is finished now.

Dushyanth reaches home and sees doc checking up daadaji. Daadaji asks what did he bring for him from Delhi. Dushyanth says he heard he is going up, so he felt no need for any gifts. He asks doc what did daaadaji eat. Doc say some spicy food. Dushyanth yells how can he eat spicy food when he does not give him any. doc says he will leave now if he gives his 150 rs fees. Dushyanth gives him 50 rs with great difficulty. Doc asks what about 100 rs. Dushyanth says his doc spoilt his brinjal plant, so he took 1000 rs as compensation. He sees ladies peeping out and runs behind them. Daadaji asks doc why did he tell what he ate. Doc says he cannot lie. Daadaji asks him to run from here before dushyanth snatches 50 rs and doc runs from there. Dushyanth starts grilling ladies what did they prepare in his absence. They say whatever he gave them.

Mama angrily wanders in home and says he will teach Soumendra a lesson. Mayank gets afraid and says he will handle it. Maama says he knows he is spineless puppet and is afraid of everyone. He himself will handle this now and walks out of house. Soumendra is seen walking towards sarojini’s house and maama stops seeing him.

Precap: Sarojini travels in bus and sees Soumendra holding sorry card on road for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bada banta hai Yeh mayank Kuch aata toh hai nahi it was not somendra’s mistake just an accident.

    1. When you are a nuisance, people don’t tend to believe you even if you’re telling the truth.

  2. Precap very cute.

  3. Nice ? episode…

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