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Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Sarojini is determined to get ahead with her p-lan, to earn money, while dadaji supports it, but bhaskar doesnt like it, and asks her to refarins from causing more trouble. he tries to point out the difficulties in entering the corporate world. she says that she isnt talking nonsense, and that they have to start somehow. she then gets her plans and planning, and all the framework that she has chocked out for her business. she explains her entire business plan and strategy, and they all hear intently. Sarojini says that they wont profit much, but slowly, they shall increase their profit margin, once they start getting demands. she asks nirjhara to come along. she also says that once they get in demand, she shall also take customer’s feedback,

so that they can make their unique and separate identity, and then their product can be back in demand. all like the idea, except granny and bhaskar. dadaji taunts bhaskar and then tells him that he fully supports her.

Rishab and his aunt get out of the car, and eye a building tensedly. he asks his aunt if she is sure that she wants to do this. she complies. they start walking. Bhaskar opens the door to find rishab standing. he is taken aback, and startled. he hesitatingly talks about the advance which he might have come to collect. Sarojini comes and says that she shall give his advance back soon, and demands for sometime. The family watches tensedly. the aunt comes in saying that he doesnt need advance, as rishab shall stay here only. all are shocked to hear this. bhaskar is unable to believe but overjoyed to hear it. he readily welcomes them in, and praises galore of their generosity. she enters with him resignedly. nirjhara comes out and is very happy to see rishab, and says that its good he came back, or else they would have had to carry on the guilt forever. he introduces the family to his aunt, and compliments her for everything that he has achieved. the aunt says that he loves being in a family, and interacting with people, hence he decided to stay here with them, and she shall stay in the hotel. bhaskar thinks that if the aunt stays here, it would be double profit. he hesitatingly brings up the same proposal to her too, saying that it wont be polite that they let her stay in the hotel. sarojini is tensed. he promises her a comfortable stay. she says that she cant do that. bhaskar insists and asks rishab to make her understand in plain hindi. Nirjhara too says that they dont have a problem at all, with her stay here, and asks for her compliance. sarojini too says that if she stays here, she would feel that he forgave her. the aunt pretends to be overwhelmed by their generosity and affection. she thinks that this love shall be their biggest defeat as she has come to stay here so that they can take the case back, by hook or by crook. she asks if she can see the house. bhaskar shows her around with him. she asks him to play along with her in her plan. granny asks her if there is any trouble, as she seems silenty. the aunt says that its good and big, but the interior of the house is a bit old and tacky. they are tensed and hurt too to hear that. she says that a house should be well done from inside too, and says that she can get a French interior designer to do the indoor decor. sarojini steps up and says that they believe in simplicity, and it just isnt four walls. Sarojini says that this house is the one which dadaji first built, and hence it holds immense improtance for them, and that they can never even imagine a life without it, and its got all of his emotions attached to it. rishab and his aunt hear intently. Sarojini continues to add that whatever house it is, without people, its worthless. The family looks at her appreciatively, while the aunt stands embarassed. she says that she agrees to sarojini. bhaskar and his wife are shell shocked however. they are eager to cater to her, to their fullest advantage. he then again gets in between, and introduces the aunt to the entire family. sarojini and the aunt eye each other tensedly. bhaskar too shakes hand with her appreciatively, along with his wife, while she is disgusted and irritated. she has a tough time teaching her english, while the rest of the family stands amused.rishab intervenes to finally break in, and then sarojini takes her to show her to the room. they both leave. rishab eyes them tensedly.

Later at night, the aunt tells rishab that its very good sarojini got convinced to let her stay here, and now they can execute their plan easily. but she finds him tensed, and asks if he still thinks she is wrong, and has a problem with her plan. he says that it isnt so. she asks if he thinks she is wrong, and that she shall take the entire blame, as maximum she shall land in jail, which she shall readily do, and the aunt takes it to her prestige and rushes out hollering for sarojini. rishab gets tensed. bhaskar is tensed as to what is she upto now. after much insistent screams, sarojini asks whats the matter. the aunt says that she wishes to say sorry for something. sarojini asks whats it. rishab comes and begs her not to do so. she eyes him and then sarojini. The screen freezes on sarojini’s boggled face.

Precap: While rishab is stuck in some work, sarojini comes and says that she shall see and help him. she tries to look into it, and then trips over, and is about to fall, when as fate would have it, she falls right in rishab’s arms, who dives in just in time to catch her. an awkward embrace and eyelock follows. Granny comes in just then, and is aghast at what she sees. she starts reprimanding sarojini for being infidel and characterless. she stands embarassed and mortified. the entire family comes in and watches tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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