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Sarojini 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth dropping Sarojini and maama home and asking Sarojini not to ever think of soumendra again. Mama asks what should sarojini do now. Dushyanth says she should marry Mayank and let Soumendra marry MLA’s daughter.

Soumendra fumes in his hostel room that he will not let Sarojini forget him so easily. His friend asks what will he do now. He says he will get Sarojini married to Mayank first as he promised her.

Daadi panics seeing daada missing and asks Bhaskar to check around house. Bhaskar comes back and says he did not find dada anywhere. Daada gets into auto and asks driver to drop him to railway station. He requests him to lend him some money, he will return after coming back. Driver gives him money and dadaji thinks this driver trusted him and

gave money, but his son snatches money instead.

Soumendra enters Sarojini’s house with flower decorators. Maami asks why did he come here. He says he came to attend Sarojini’s marriage. Decorator asks where to decorate flowers. He says these flowers are nothing in front of Sarojini and asks to decorate flowers all over house. Sarojini gets emotional hearing this. Maami asks her if it is her trick. She says he has just come to attend wedding and will leave without harming anyone.

Dadaji travels in Delhi taxi and asks driver to drop him to Soumendra’s BT hostel. He sees meter 250 rs already, gets out and gives 50 rs to driver. Driver starts fighting with him. Dushyanth is just on opposite lane foothpath and gets Bhaskar’s call who informs that Dadaji is missing. He says dadaji must be somewhere around and to search him.

Soumendra fixes nails on wall for decoration. Mayank enters and gets afraid seeing him holding hammer and tries to run. Soumendra hugs him and apologizez for troubling him. He then shakes hand and asks to smile.

Sarojini sees taxi driver yelling at dadaji and asks what happened. Dadaji says he wants to go to BT hostel to meet his grandson Soumendra, but this driver is roaming him in whole city. Sarojini is surprised to hear that and says driver that BT hostel does not come in this route and asks him to return dadaji’s 50 rs and drop him to hostel, else she will call police. Driver returns dadaji’s money. Dada praises Sarojini that he heard bad about city girls, but she is very sanskari. He borrows her phone and informs daadi that he is in delhi. She asks why did he go when Dushyanth is already there. Dadaji asks her to care of herself and disconnects. He thanks Sarojini and leaves towards hostel.

Sarojini returns home. Golu tells her that soumendra decorated whole house. She sees Soumendra and tells his dadaji has come. He thinks she is lying to send him from there. His friend then calls and tells his dadaji has come and is waiting for him. Soumendra realizes that sarojini was telling truth. A lady carrying haldi/turmeric paste drops it and panics thinking it is a big abshagun/inauspicious.

Precap: Dushyanth warns Soumendra to come with him and marry MLA’s daughter, else he will not spare Sarojini. TV celebrities dance in Sarojini’s sangeet ceremony.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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