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Sarojini 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dushyanth reaches village market. Sangram singh shows room where his goons locked Indira and Goonga. One goon starts badmouthing Indira that she was devi and now characterless woman. Dushyanth shouts Indira to open door. Indira gets afraid. Goonga says he will tell thakhur saheb they are all thinking wrong.

Manu wears Sarojini’s sari and mask to lure Soumendra. Soumendra under bhang’s effect thinks she is Sarojini and starts talking romantically. Dadaji takes water to wake Soumendra from subconsciousness, but Daadi stops him and says she already gave kaadha/herbal tonic to Soumendra.

Dushyanth continues knocking door. Indira gets very afraid. Sarojini comes and asks her to open door. Sangram says Dushyanth that Indira will open door hearing Sarojini’s voice.

Goonga opens door and comes out with Indira. Sangram’s goon badmouths that they were romancing inside room. Dushyanth drags Goonga and Indira and tries to shoot them. Sarojini stands in between and says he should trust Indira.

Manu lures Soumendra by dancing sensuously on song bharo maang meri bharo….song..

Dushyanth points gun at Indira and Goonga. Sarojini says he should listen to them first. Sangram’s goon holds Sarojini. Dushyanth shouts that he will do justice by dragging both of them in whole village and shoot them later to prove that he can kill his own daughter for his dignity. Sarojini says Indira is his daughter and cannot do anything wrong. Sangram smirks, calls Manu and informs that he did his work. She also laughs evil and thinks Sarojini is busy saving Indira and Goonga and she is busy romancoing her husband.

Dushyanth ties Indira and Goonga to his jeep. Goonga says he can kill him, but not allege wrongly. Sangram’s goons start badmouthing again. Sarojini pushes goon, picks machette and cuts Goonga and Indira’s rope.

Sapna continues drama with lady and after break thinks she is very hungry, how will she wait till moon sighting. Daadi says they should all dance and spend time till then. One lady asks Nirjhara why is she silent since they all came in today. Nirjhara thinks her husband is angry on her, how can she smile.

Sarojini asks Indira and Goonga to tell what happened. Sangram says their stammering tells they are wrong. Indira says she asked Indira and Goonga and not him and tells Dushyanth he is making mistake by not trusting his daughter.

Precap: Manu gets intimate Soumendra and consummates marriage. Sarojini reaches home and sees Manu’s clothes shattered and asks what did she do with Soumendra. Manu says whatever wife does with her husband with which their relationship strengthens.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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