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Sarojini 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu snatching Sarojini’s mangalsutra and saying when there is no relationship left, she does not need it. Sarojini says relationship are made between hearts and not by black beads. She leaves weeping while Manu smirks.

Whole family sits sadly without eating anything. Manu taunts Dushyanth that he is thakur for namesake and cannot even control his family.

Dushyanth gets a call from Indira’s would be father-in-law informing that they are coming tonight for engagement. Dushyanth happily informs family. Dadaji says how can engagement happen today when Nirjhara is locked in jail. Dushyanth says he did not think about it and will speak to inspector.

Soumendra cries looking at Sarojini’s pic. Indira consoles him and says he should

not stop his tears. She asks why did he broke up with bhabhi when he cannot live without her. He says he did it for Sarojini’s happiness. She asks then what about his happiness. He says his happiness is in Sarojini’s happiness.

Dushyanth requests constable to free Nirjhara today as it is daughter’s engagement tonight. Inspector says he will free her for 2 hours and tells Nijhara she cannot move out of house without informing them and is still under house arrest.

Manu is busy selecting clothes . Daadi comes and Manu asks if Soumendra will like her in these clothes. Dadi says she should get into Nirjhara and Indira’s good books to change Soumendra and says she should get Indira ready for engagement and prepare snacks, etc.

Nirjhara goes to Indira’s room to get her ready. Soumendra comes and says he has arranged everything and asks if she will prepare snacks at home or should be bring. Nirjhara feels sad for him. Manu enters and says she will get Indira ready as she is her bhabhi now. Indira says she is not Sarojini and should not try to be her bhabhi. Manu shouts that nobody should are to confront her.

Indira’s would be groom Samar comes with family. He sees constable and inspector in civil clothes and asks who are they. Dushyanth says he can go to their home after marriage, but now should get engated before muhurat passes. Manu calls lady constable and says she is IG’s wife and IG is coming there, he will suspend them seeing them in civil dress.

Precap: Inspector informs that an NRI Susie madam who runs an NGO for women welfare bailed Nirjhara. Susie is shown from backside.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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