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The episode starts with Sarojini serving tea to maama and asking if she really has to marry Mayank. He asks what happened. She says Mayank forces her to accompany him and talks weird and yesterday was asking to inscribe a tattoo of his name on her hand to make sure she will marry only him. Maama says this is not done. Maami comes and starts yelling that Mayank loves her and roams around her and she is lucky instead. Maama says tattooing forcefully is not done. She yells that Sarojini is an orphan with ill fate and if she does not marry Mayank would be wandering on road. Sarojini feels dejected and runs to her room. Maama follows her telling she is his daughter and not orphan.

Dushyanth asks Soumendra to attend classes without family. Soumendra says he will attend classes 6 days a wekk as

he got a new teacher who is very good. Bhaskar calls Dushyanth and tells daadaji is having vomiting diarrhea. Dushyanth asks what did he eat and suggests to give him sugar/salt solution. Bhaskar says he finished all the salt and sugar he gave and does not have anything. Dushyanth suggests him to call local doc and get colourful tablets and tell him that he will come and pay.

Bhaskar tells daadaji that he took Dushyanth’s permission to call doc and will take care of him until dushyanth comes back. Daadaji starts writhing in stomach pain and says it is time for him to go. Daadi says he will live 100 years. Daada asks her to get lemon water with salt and sugar. Sapna says they have finished sugar and salt quota already. Daadi asks her to get it from store room. Sapna says if she gets again from store room, dushyanth will know about it and will kill them all.

Mayank comes to pick up Sarojini. Maami says she already left. Mayank says he is working hard to get into Sarojini’s good books and asked her to inscribe his name on her hand so that she does not think of anyone. Maami says she complained maama and situation is out of control. She says if he convinces her and marries, she will be a slave of him, will take care of his house and mom and even get him salary every month. Mayank nods yes in happiness.

Doc checks Daadaji and says he needs 4 bottles of saline of 1200 rs total and asks Bhaskar to bring it from his clinic. Daadaji says he is having severe pain and can even get 7-8 bottles. Bhaskar says there is no need of bottles and asks him to give some cheap medicine and get fees from his dad. Doc gives tablets and leaves. Daadaji yells that Bhaskar is more cruel than Dushyanth.

Soumendra tells his classmates that he is worried about Sarojini as her life is going downhill because of her girlfriend. Classmates don’t believe. He shows Mayank’s confession video. Sarojini enters and everyone get back to their seat. She sees mobile in his hand and asks why is he spoiling children. He says it has very important video for her and asks her to watch it once. She says she will give this mobile to principal. He asks her not to become a drama by giving this mobile. She asks him to leave her as only principal will see this video. He says if she does not give, he will snatch it and tries hard. Sarojini does not give and another teacher shouts to help Sarojini as he is misbehaving with teacher. Soumendra continues and in a tussles pushes Sarojini. She hits her head on wall and falls down unconscious. Everyone are shocked to see that, specially Soumendra.

Precap: Soumendra runs on road picking unconscious Sarojini and pleads motorists to help him, but nobody stops.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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