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Scene 1:
Location: On the road
The aunt and rishab are shocked to see sarojini at their doorstep. sarojini remembers their encounter, and rishab is surprised to know that they both have met. the aunt says that she doesnt know her, and then narrates everything. he is shocked. she asks how does he know her, since he is siding with her. he says that he is staying there only. The aunt is shocked to know that tis is sarojini, soumu’s wife. she says that this girl showed her manners of a small town, and asks her why didnt she knock when she entered. sarojini asks who is she. he says that this is his paternal aunt. sarojini is shocked. rishab asks her, whats she doing here. she says that she wished to talk, and that maybe she hurt him, and its justifiable that he be angry. she says that he neednt

stay here, and that she is extremely apologetic for what happened, and that she wants him to come home. he says that he doesnt know whether he shall come back, maybe he might, and maybe he wont. He says that he shall let her know, and demands to be excused. she is apalled, but leaves. Stepping out of the hotel she is immensely tensed, and worried that she doesnt find an auto. she thinks that her entire day went waste. she says that she doesnt feel he would return back, and laments that she slapped him, and then argued with his aunt, which would have infuriated him more. she wonders what would she tell family.

Inside, he is asked if she is going back. he says that he has to go, and impress to have his motive fulfilled. she says that she doesnt know about others, but seeing sarojini, impressing her, is a hard nut to crack, as she is highly principled, honest and courageous, who wont stand any wrong, and if she is soumu’s wife, then she wont take it back. he knows its difficult, but says thats why he needs to go home. she asks how long and by what time, would that be fulfilled. he says that he cant give a deadline, but he is sure of success. she says that he cant keep her in the dark, as sarojini is very smart and they cant risk their reputation. she says that she has to take matters in her own hands now, and snub this in the bud. he is tensed, as she is determined to have her way to solve this problem now. he wonders whats the matter and whats aunt upto now, to do with sarojini and her family. the doorbell rings. rishab sees to it. the aunt calls imran, a guy who comes in, inside.

The aunt gets a man, and asks him to do exactly as she says. the man says that he shall get the job done. she pays him an advance money, and asks him not to bother about his family, as she shall take care of them. rishab comes and asks her, after seeing this, whether she is planning to threaten sarojini and her family, and why did she pay him. she eyes him determinedly. he says that he doesnt like it. she says that she is doing this for his benefit, but now he shall see that they take the case back. he is tensed and nervous.

Scene 2:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Bhaskar paces around nervously, wondering and imagining all kinds of possible outcomes. to add insult to fury, his wife tells him that he mortgaged the money for sarees. he is apalled and shocked. she tries to calm and compose him down. he asks her to give back his money rigt now. she gets an idea, and pretends to have a dizzy spell, and faints off. he is shocked and distraught, as he splashes her face with water, reprimanding that she fainted thinking about money. he wakes her up, and asks about money, and she pretends to have amnesia, and memory loss. he slaps her tight, and asks her to stop this nonsense

Later, sarojini tries to step in the house, but bhaskar stops her entry back, shocking them all. he says that first rishab shall come, after that she shall gain her entry. they are all aghast, while sarojini is stunned. sarojini explains what happened, and rishab starts reprimanding her. but dadaji says that she tried everything, and now its on rishab, and forcibly gets him inside. bhaskar laments that till she is here, nothing good would come. granny says that they dont know whether she actually apologised or not. sarojini vehemently protests. nirjhra says that she shall go and find out about him, and then try and convince him. sarojini tells, and then says that she doesnt think he would return back. granny asks her to get back to kitchen work. all are tensed.

Later, in the night, as stormy winds blow, soumu’s pic is about to fall off, but she composes it back and shuts the windows. She says that she is feeling very weird, due to the depressing situation, and feels that something wrong is about to approach, and asks if he is trying to give a signal, and that she is trying hard to find the culprit. she says that she hasnt gotten much of a lead, and hopes that the trust people trust her for the arrangement of money. she is depressed.

The next morning, at the dining table, bhaskar laments that they are having a lavish feast, and that if rishab starts demanding for the money, then he wouldnt be involved. he starts indirectly hinting at sarojini, that soon all of this lavishness shall go due to some people. Sarojini says that she shall take all the responsibilities. she says that even if he doesnt return, she would return the advance back. his wife asks how does she plan to manage that. nirjhara immediately says that she supports her totally. sarojini says that she has an idea, as nirjhara is good with pickles and papad, and they cn start taking orders for wholesale dealers of the same. all hear tensedly. The screen freezes on sarojini’s determined face.

Precap: Bhaskar opens the door to find rishab standing. Sarojini comes and says that she shall give his advance back soon, and demands for sometime. the aunt comes in saying that he doesnt need advance, as rishab shall stay here only. she thinks that this love shall be their biggest defeat as she has come to stay here so that they can take the case back.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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