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Sarojini 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Komal locking Sarojini inside home to stop her from participating in competition. Sarojini pleads to open door. Door opens and she comes out and asks who opened it. Soumendra hiding behind wall thinks her Soumendra, whom she is not identifying. Sarojini goes to Daadi and Nirjhara and asks if they saw Gulabo. They say no. Daadi asks her to rush to the venue, else she will lose competition. Sarojini says she will find out Gulabo at any cost. Nirjhara says if she does not reach on time, she and Gulabo both will lose competition. Sarojini says she will be back soon. Soumendra asks Anmol where he kept amma. Anmol says out house. Soumendra makes suspicious moves and Sarojini follows him. He takes her near outhouse.

Competition starts. Host calls Sarojini and Gulabo and when they don’t come, Anmol suggest to select another winner. Host is about to announce name when Sarojini enters with Gulabo. Anmol fumes seeing them. Sarojini reminisces following Soumendra and reaching outhouse. She rescues confined Gulabo who thanks her and asks whether to call her daughte or daughter-in-law and hugs her emotionally.

Host asks Sarojini and Gulabo to prepare kheer. Komal says they should prepare blindfolded. Sarojini asks how can she prepare kheer with closed eyes. Host says it is a challenge for them. Sarojini suggests Gulabo to feel items and prepare kheer. They both perpare kheer blind folded. After time finishes, Gulabo serves kheer to judges first and they praise kheer’s taste. Sarojini then serves and judges asks why did she add salt instead of sugar. Sarojini thinks she has to lose as Gulabo will get confidence and Komal will lose.

Precap: Komal orders Gulabo to wear ghunghat. Sarojini says she should not. Komal informs Sarojini’s family that Soumendra is dead and one who is with them is Munna. Sarojini cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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