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Sarojini 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu asking Sarojini to stop drama and sign divorce papers if she wants her to take back case. Sarojini does not. Manu says already Soumendra has already signed papers. Nirjhara asks Soumendra when Dushyanth threatened to divorce her, he stood with her, but now he himself is making a big mistake. She asks Sarojini not to sign.

Soumendr repeatedly asks Sarojini to sign papers. She says he is her life and she cannot live without him. He says he will die if she does not sign divorce papers. She helplessly signs papers. Manu taunts her that she did right and should not be seen in this house hereon.

Sarojini walks crying to her room and packs her bags. Noore khuda aaj kal tu kahan hai ye bata….song…plays in the background… Soumendra comes

crying. Sarojini asks why did he come here now. Bhuladena mujhe….song…plays in the background. He wipes her tears. A bit of emotional moments continue.

Manu fumes seeing tem together and shouts at Sarojini to get out now. She tears Sarojini and Soumendra’s marriage pic andthrows it. Sarojini says she tore paper pic, but how will she tear pic in heart. Manu fumes.

Sarojini comes out with her suitcase. Nirjhara pleads Soumendra and others to stop Sarojini. Sarojini touches dadaji’s blessings, then daadi’s. Indira hugs her emotionally. She says she is going away from this house but not from her. She will feel bad to miss her marriage and asks to take car of herself. She then touches Dushyanth’s feet. Dushyanth says he is feeling very bad and confesses that he hated her always, but loved after she saved Soumendra. He asks her to forgive if possible. She asks to take care of Nirjhara and family. She then touches Bhaskar’s feet. Bhaskar blesses her to be happy always. She then touches Sapna’s feet, but Sapna backs off. She says she is younger to her and can at least get her blessing. She goes to Nirjhara and says when her relationship is broken, why should she stay here. She silently walks out crying.

Precap: Constable tells Indira’s would be groom’s family that Soumendra had 2 wives and divorced one recently. Nijhara poisoned constable and is in jail. Groom’s family are shocked. Indira starts crying. Manu thinks Indira insulted her before, so this is her punishment.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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