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Sarojini 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhaskar waiting for Sapna’s prepared kathal korma and malpua. Sapna wakes up in the midnight, goes to Nirjhara’s room and asks her if daadi has slept. Nirjhara says she has but is very senitive and will wake with even a pin sound. They both go to kitchen. Nirjhara asks Sapna to prepare korma and malpua while she guards outside kitchen.

Sarojini reminisces Dushyanth and Soumendra’s misbehavior and goondagiri and Mayank’s spineless nature and thinks she was thinking all men would but very well cultured and gentlemen like her mama, but looking at those 3 men, she is forced to change her perception. She writes in her diary that she is pity on Dushyanth’s family women, how they must be tolerating his torture.

Sapna while preparing dishes

thinks of taking Nirjhara’s service and asks her to scratch her back. Nirjhara unwillingly scratches her back thinking of special dishes and says she used to have many special dishes in her parent’s house, but after getting married to Dushyanth, she even forgot how to cook them or how they look like. She asks if she is done now. Sapna says she is halfway. Bhaskar starts making cat sound.. meow meow. Nirjhara says even cat smelled special dishes and is eager to taste them. Sapna says it is Bhaskar and asks her to near door and tell him to wait. She does but bhaskar continues meow meow… Sapna signals him not to come in and goes back to prepare dishes.

Sarojini hears sound from Daadi’s room and goes to check. She is shocked to see daadi awake and asks why did she wake up in the midnight. Daadi says she got a sweet dream of malpua and even can smell it. Nirjhara asks to sleep back. Daadi forcefully wakes up and goes to lawn for a walk. She sees Sapna awake and even malpua smell in kitchen. Nirjhara and Sapna try to stop her, but she forcefully enters kitchen, surprised to see malpua and kathal korma, and scolds how dare are they to prepare chappan bog in Dushyanth’s absence, if he knows, he will bury them under ground.

Daadi then looks at dishes again and calms down seeing her mouth watering. She then tastes malpua. Sapna calls Bhashar and daadaji and they all 4 enjoy dishes happily. Nirjhara’s daughter comes down and they look at her tensely. She asks if they forgot she is also there in house. They ate whole food not leaving anything for her. Daadi asks her to join, but all utensils are empty. Daughter sadly says they ate everything. Nirjhara says how can she forget her and removes malpua from sari for her. Daughter asks if she loves her so much. Nirjhara says why should not she as she is her daughter. Daughter asks why does dad hate her so much. Daadaji says Dushyanth considers her as god. Daughter says she wants to live like a human and not god. They all praise dishes. Bhaskar warns not to tell anything to Dushyanth. Nirjhara says he will know if he sees store room lock open. Sapna says she closed it with dough and dushyanth will not know. Dushyanth wakes up from sleeping thinking her family is reminiscing him and thinks something is wrong.

Precap: Sarojini sees Soumendra showing Mayank’s confession clip to all his classmates and tries to snatch mobile. Dushyanth pushes her by mistake and she hits her head on wall and falls unconscious on ground.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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