Sarojini 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sarojini 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini coming to Rishab’s room with NOC papers and asks why did he bribe govt officer, she does not like it. She does not need this illegal NOC. He plays on mobile her conversation with officer and goes into flashback where he plays it in front of officer and says he will go to media and then there will be enquiry. Officer gets afraid and signs papers. He tells Sarojini there are other ways to get work done legally. She thanks him.

Sarojini goes out and informs family that she got gov’t NOC for building school. Dadaji and Nirjhara get happy. Bhaskar asks how will she arrange funds. Rishab says she can get funding via NGO. Bhaskar asks why will any NGO fund for school which is on their ancestral land. Rishab says she can get loan from bank and

even he can help her. Sarojini says she does not need his help. He forcefully feeds his number in her mobile. He gets a call from his aunt. He goes aside and speaks to her. Sarojini thinks Rishab is staying with some motto.

Rishab asks Sarojini to become his friend. She says no. He plays Kehdo ke Tum Mujhse Dosti karogi….song.. She says he cannot convince her.

Sarojini cuts bittergourd in kitchen. Rishab says he does not like bittergourd. She says everyone will eat only this today. He gets in and tries to convince Nirjhara to tell Sarojini to prepare any other vegetable. Sarojini gets adamant. Nirjhara expresses her desire to meet Indira. Rishab asks her not to worry. Once she leaves, he challenges Sarojini that he can call Indira here today. He calls Samar and says he is forced to eat bittergourd here and asks him to bring some other food and even bring Indira as he everyone wants to meet her. Samar reaches with Indira and brings sweets. Rishab looking at Sarojini says sweets will change bittergourd’s taste.

Indira meets Sarojini and says she is very happy to meet family again. Sarojini says Rishab called Samar and he even helped her get NOC.

Daadi scolds Nirjhara that she is preparing food for everyone and Sarojini is roaming around for opening school, she should control her. Rishab enters and says she is right and asks what was she discussing. Daadi says he should not have given loan idea to Sarojini. Rishab says getting loan is difficult and as she said, Nirjhara should keep Sarojini in control. Sarojini enters and hears that.

Precap: Rishab walks behind Sarojini apologizing her and holds her pallu. She asks how dare he is to hold her pallu, slaps him and says he will go from her house today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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