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Sarojini 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini confronting Soumendra and telling she will teach and mend him. Soumendra starts misbehaving with her and says he will teach her instead and she will have to accept it.

Sapna cuts jackfruit and its milk sticks. She steals oil to stop milk from sticking and thinks Dushyanth has made her life hell, he has made his one son tiger and one wet cat.

Mayank takes Sarojini to a park and asks her to marry him soon. She says her mama/mami will decide her future. He says they have decided her future. She says she will not marry until she gets job. He says he earns well for them both, once she marries him, she can start searching job. Sarojini says her decision is final and leaves.

Soumendra takes Dushyanth to a restaurant. Dushyanth sees dishes and asks

prices. Soumendra says dal is of 850 rs and salad 250 rs. He says he can feed whole village for that money and says he will file a case against restaurant. Soumendra asks him to stop humiliating him. Dushyanth says he is feeding him as he is studying and he wants to prove Sarojini wrong.

Sapna steals spices from store room. Nirjhara hears sound from kitchen and calls who is in there. Sapna gets tensed and in a hurry does not lock store room well. She runs towards Nirjhara and starts pampering her and massing her head. Daadi says she is her saas’s saas and senses she has done something wrong. Sapna says she did not do anything and says she will massage even her head and legs. Daadi says she does not know when that day will come. Sapna thinks if she continues serving Nirjhara, she won’t be able to prepare jackfruit curry.

Mayank tells his aunt that his future is very bleak. Aunt asks what happened. He says Sarojini’s tone has changed and once she gets job, she will not marry him. So she will have to convince mama/uncle for their marriage soon. Aunt says she knows what to do now.

Nirjhara stops Sapna from massaging her head and heads towards kitchen to prepare food. Sapna tries to stop her, but she forcefully enters kitchen, slips and falls on ground. She sees ghee on floor and says they don’t get to even smell ghee in this house and someone has thrown it on floor. She then sees store room lock open and shouts someone has looted their house. Sapna shuts her mouth and says she stole grocery as she wants to enjoy jackfruit curry/korma and malpua and if she keeps quiet, once daadi sleeps, she will also give her some. Nirjhara’s mouth start watering hearing dishes and says it has been ages since she had malpua and asks her to close lock soon. She tries, but lock does not close. She says only original key can lock it now.

Precap: Soumendra rags Mayank and orders him to get his name inscribed on Sarojini’s hand. Mayank says Sarojini she can marry him later, but has to inscribe his name on her hand first.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I like the girl sarogini but not at all the show … as she is so beautiful … she was in saraswati Chandra …

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