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Sarojini 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu entering in villager’s attire wearing veil over her face and carrying flowers. Bhaskar stops her and forcefully sees her face. She makes weird face and he gets afraid. Daadi comes and asks him to florist go in. He says why is her face so weird. Daadi says everyone cannot be beautiful like her bahu. Bhaskar leaves. Daadi asks her if she is sure Sarojini and Suzie are same and if she fails, she knows conequences. Manu say she is Sangram Singh’s lonely daugter and will not fail. Sapna comes. Dadi asks her to take florist in and check if anyone wants gajra/flowers.

Soumendra applies ointment on Susie/Sarojini’s burn wounds looking at her. She asks him tgo apply on wound and not to the surrounding. Their romance continues. Daadi knocks

door and tells she broght florist to make gajra. Susie says she is tired and will get it later. Daadi says Sapna that Suzie does not like flowers.

Manu tells Daadi that if Sarojini also has burn wounds like Susie, then they both are same. Sapna says she feels weird as Sarojini did not ask about Indira even once till now. Sarojini comes and asks what are they talking about and where is Indira didi. Daadi says she has gone to a beauty parlor. Manu throws chilli powder on her hand from behind. Sarojini writhes in pain but acts as nothing happened and says her enemies are still around.

Samar marries Indira in a court. Indira asks what about marriage according to rituals. He says they will also marry in court and says it will be proof for her about thier marriage. Registrar says Indira that she is lucky to have such a caring and loyal husband. Samar gives him money and leaves.

Sarojini cleans her hand with water and writhes in pain. Daadi calls her and she corrects her wound with makeup and joins family covering her hand with pallu. Daadi asks why is she hiding her hand. Sarojini says her pallu got wet, so she is covering it on hand. Manu thinks her doubt is right. She then removes pallu and extends her hand. Daadi and Manu are shocked to see clean hand again.

Dushyanth with Bhaskar brings a veiled girl and says she is Indira. Sarojini tries to go near her, but Dushyanth scolds her and takes fake Indira to a room. Nirjhara tries to beat Indira, but Dushyanth sends her out.

Precap: Manu waits or a chance to expose that Susie and Sarojini are same.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. OMG!!!!! dis is damn serious!!!!! samar wants to tek indira 2 bed!!!!!

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh God no no.poor sweet Indira…hate script writer for tis nonsense of court wedding n physco ugly samar for mannu creepis back!!! I love Sarojini Somo n Dushy…lol… brilliant acting…n funny

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