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Sarojini 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra asking Sarojini if she loves him. She says no, but she likes him a lot. He says she will also love him soon. She says she will leave now. He asks her to wait until his friend brings rasgulla.

Dushyanth and his family get ready and is about to leave for MLA’s house when Indira stops Dushyanth and says seven she wants to accompany them and see bhabhi. He touches her feet and says she is his house’s laxmi and cannot go to some other’s house. He then asks guard to make sure Indira does not go out. He then takes family to laundry shop and asks them to select clothes for them. Dada says he will not wear someone else’s clothes. Bhaskar says even he feels same. Dushyanth scolds them and ask to select clothes, else he will not take them.


rides his bike happily as Sarojini accompanies him. A kid stops him and pleads to save his mom says construction material fell on his mom. Soumendra runs and rescues woman. Woman’s husband also reaches, thanks Soumendra and takes woman to hospital.

Dushyanth with family reaches MLA’s house with soumendra’s alliance and accepts MLA’s daughter as bahu. He asks Nijhara to dorn necklace on MLa’s daughter’s neck and tells daughter that she will be marrying soumendra in 15 days, till then she can imagine soumendra in necklace. Bhaskar takes video and sends it to Soumendra.

Sarojini sees soumendra’s hand injured while saving woman and says she will clean it. He asks her to tell I love you first. She asks him not to argue and cleans his wound with her dupatta. He thinks her concern is her love for him and repeats I love you.

Dushyanth tells MLA’s daughter that he is her bahu now and tells MLA, Soumendra will get certificate later, they should get them married first. MLA asks why so early. Dushyanth says even 15 days are very long for him and asks pandit to find good muhurath. Pandit finds a muhurath.

Soumendra tells Sarojini even if she denies by mouth, he knows she loves him. She says he is a good man, so he likes his qualities, but does not love him. He gets Bhaskar’s call and says he is busy and will call him later. Bhaskar asks him to check his MMS. Sarojini says even she will see MMS. Soumendra plays and is shocked to see Dushyanth fixing his marriage. Soumendra tells Sarojini that he will not marry anyone except her. She leaves silently and he follows.

MLA Sangram Singh requests Dushyanth to give bahu’s respect to her daughter. Dushyanth promises to keep his daughter as his daughter and asks not to worry.

Sarojini hides behind wall. Soumendra starts searching her. Sarojini thinks why is she feeling bad if Soumendra is getting married. Mama calls and asks where is she. She says she lost her way and will come back soon. He asks her to come and rest. She silently leaves place while Soumendra still searches her. Soumendra thinks he will change her decision at any cost.

Precap: Soumendra calls Dushyanth and says he has found a girl in Delhi. Dushyanth meets his politician friend and asks to find out which girl is trapping Soumendra. Politician gives him pics and he is surprised to see Sarojini and says she is Soumendra’s teacher.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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