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Sarojini 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth ordering jeweler to come home with his best wedding jewelries. Soumendra asks whose wedding it is. Dushyanth says his wedding and says all the problems are because of his inauspicious marriage, so he wants to perform his marriage again with Sarojini to set things right. Bhaskar enters and says he got pandit for marriage. Dushyanth asks Bhaskar to apologize Soumendra. Bhaskar does and soumendra warns him not to repeat his mistake again.

Dushyanth’s puppet ladies shop jewelry eagerly. Sarojini brings water for jeweler. Nirjhara yells if she came here without permission to see jewelry. Sapna says she has not seen jewelry in life, so she came here. Keshav mama comes. Dadaji greets him in. Sarojini runs and hugs him and cries and says Soumendra is

in hospital. He asks what is she doing here. Nirjhara starts yelling that Sarojini is abshaguni/inauspicious and panauti for Soumendra and because of her, he is in hospital, so she did not let him meet Soumendra. Daadi starts that Sarojini killed her parents in childhood and now is behind her grandson, mama passed his abshagun to them. Maama says they are abshaguni’s to badmouth about Sarojini and his sister and brother-in-law died in accident, sarojini is very auspicious.

Servant brings marriage items. Dadaji asks what are these. He says these are marriage items. Keshav asks whose marriage. Dushyanth enters and says Soumendra’s marriage. Keshav asks how can Soumendra marry when he is already married to Sarojinni. Dushyanth says he does not consider Delhi’s marriage as it did not happen with rituals. Mama says though marriage did not happen with rituals, Soumendra applied sindhoor on Sarojini’s forehead and married her and pleads him. Dushyanth says he pleads him instead to let Sarojini and Soumendra’s remarriage with rituals. Keshav gets happy and says he frightened him for sometime. Dushyanth says he is old fashioned and wants marriage happened with proper rituals.

Dushyanth asks Keshav mama to go and meet Soumendra with sarojini and dadaji. He apologizes Sarojini with his crocodile tears. Sarojini says he is like his father and should not apologize. He thanks her. sarojini says she will prepare khichdi for Soumendra. Indira is shocked to see Dushyanth’s change tone.

Sarojini cuts vegetable thinking about Dushyanth’s sudden changed tone. Dadaji enters and asks if she is surprised to see Dushyanth’s changed tone. She says yes, till yesterday he wanted to kick her out or kill her and today he is arranging her and Soumendra’s marriage. Dadaji says Dushyanth loves Soumendra and must have changed seeing yesterday’s event.

Dushyanth tells his puppet ladies his plan and says he will bring Soumendra from hospital silently and they can wait at temple, they should never let Dadaji and Sarojini know about their plan. Indira hears his plan and realizes that Dushyanth is planning Soumendra and Manisha’s marriage and she should inform bhabhi/Sarojini about it. Dushyanth hears he anklet sound and peeps out from window. He sees her going towards Sarojini’s room and asks Nirjahara and other 2 puppets to stop Indira.

Precap: Sarojini takes lunch for Soumendra. Indira prays god that bhabhi should see her note. Soumendra opens lunchbox and sees note in it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. good one indira

  2. In real life, if there are situations in a household like what is portrayed in this serial regarding women, are true…….then all the women in the home should be ashamed….its like they are’ nt women at all, subjecting another to such atrocities!!!! Good thing its only fiction. Been watching a while now, painful to see a woman going thru this kinda torture.

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