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Sarojini 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with inspector house arresting Nirjhara for poisoning constable’s food. Soumendra and Sarojini plead that maaji is innocent, but to no avail. Soumendra cries that this is all because of Manu.

Indira tries to enter Nirjhara’s locked room, but constable stops her. Nirjhara asks her to go back and relax in her room.

Dushyanth enters Manu’s room and asks why did she poison Sarojini’s food. She says she did not. He says he is not a kid. She says Sapna mixed poison on her order. He says because of her, his and Sangram’s effort went in vain. Her one silly mistake got his wife behind bars. She shouts that because of them, she did not get soumendra even now. He says it is because of her foolishness. She shouts at him and says she respects

him like a father, else she can destroy him easily by filing dowry case on him. He asks her to not fly high. She says she does not understand why should she be away from Soumendra and if anyone comes between them, she will not spare them, not even him.

Dushyanth points gun on Manu. She also points gun. He says if she was not his bahu, he would have shot her. She says if she was not Soumendra’s papa, she would have shot him and nobody would have even caught her. He lowers gun and says because of this, Sarojini wins battle always. She is a fool and lets Sarojini win. In some matter, experience matters and she should let him and sangram play the game. Manu nods yes.

Sarojini sees Indira, Daadaji, and Soumendra sleeping nearby and throws paper on Indira. Indira wakes up. Sarojini signals her to get key from sleeping constable. Indira gets keys and opens door. Sarojini walks out silently and Indira gets into her place.

Sarojini then goes and takes Soumendra’s mobile and walks into Manu’s room. Manu is sound asleep dreaming about Soumendra. Sarojini tries to click pics of her fake wound. Manu catches her red handed and alleges that she tried to strangulate her neck. They both start fighting and Sarojini shouts to leave her. Everyone wake up hearing sound and run towards Manu’s room. Soumendra frees Sarojini from Manu. Constable asks Sarojini what is she doing. Manu says she came to strangulate her neck and kill her. Dushyanth asks Soumendra why is Sarojini doing this. Manu continues to send her to jail. Sarojini says she came to check her fake wound and insists. Manu shows blood stained bandage on her shoulder and Sarojini is shocked.

Precap: Manu gives papers to Soumendra and asks to sign on them. Soumendra is shocked to see his and Sarojini’s divorce papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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