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Sarojini 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with constable Neetu calling Sarojini and informing that inspector is trying to protect culprit. Sarojini says he knew this and says she wants to punish culprit at any cost. Neetu says she saw culprit and he is clean and handsome wearing silver and gold bracelet with silver ring in it. Rishab passes by wearing same ring and thanks Sarojini for coffee.

Rishab goes to kitchen. Nirjhara asks if he needs coffee again. He says he came to talk to her. She burns her hand holding utensil. He rushes to help her and says he will prepare tea for her and starts conversing and buttering her. Sarojini comes and asks what is he doing here. He says preparing tea for maaji. She says he does not have to do that. He leaves. She tells Nirjhara that she has to go to govt office.


then goes out and sees dadaji playing chess. To butter daadi, he says daadi can win easily over dadaji. Dadaji says it is brain game and daadi cannot win. Rishab asks daadi to play and plays himself instead and wins. He says daadi won. Dadaji says he must have tricked and asks to show his cuffs.

Nirjhara serves tea to whole family and says Rishab prepared tea today. Rishab sits with family and starts moral gyaan. Dadaji says he has experienced this his whole life and he is right. Rishab nods yes. Sarojini says she has to go to govt office and leaves. Rishab looks at her nervously. When she is about to ride auto, he stops her and gives documents saying she forgot them. She thanks him. He asks if she needs help. She says she does not like bribing like richies do and leaves. He thinks if he has to reach his target, he has to get Sarojini’s govt work done.

Sarojini goes to govt office and asks for officer Yadav ji. Recptionist asks him to wait in reception area while he informs Yadav ji. She sees Neetu constable and asks how come she is here. Neetu says she came regarding some case. Sarojini asks if she got any info about Soumendra’s case. Neetu says culprit is in same city and soon she will find out where he is staying. Rishab comes and hides seeing them together. Sarojini goest to Yadav ji’s cabin and requests him to sign school permission papers. Yadav says he will not sign until he gets bribe. She keeps papers and says she will follow gandhigiri. He says whatever she tries he will not sign papers.

Sarojini then reaches home sadly and someone gives her file. She is shocked to see papers in file, goes to Rishab’s room and says she warned him not to bribe, but he did not listen.

Precap: Rishab asks if she believes now that he did not do wrong. She says yes and thanks him. He says he likes her honesty and wants to befriend her. She looks at him surprisingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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