Sarojini 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini wiht Indira reaching home and is shocked to see burnt Sapna. She asks why did not anybody take her to hospital. Dadaji calls her from kitchen and says Tarika locked him room and is not letting Nirjhara to do anything. Sarojini opens his room door and runs back to Sapna’s room and says she will take Sapna to hospital. Tarika says family name will spoil if she is taken to hospital and asks to do some home remedy and throws wet cloth. Sarojini asks Bhaskar how can he stand silently and not take his wife to hospital. Bhaskar shouts let her die, he does not care. Sarojini asks Indira to take care of Sapna while she goes to hospital and brings doc.

Sarojini brings doc and doc checks Sapna. Bijli asks Bhaskar to throw Sapna in govt hospital. Police

comes and Sapna shows inspector that Sapna is completely burnt. Dadaji asks how did police come. Sarojini says she called police. Sarojini then takes inspector out and says Bhaskar, Tarika, and Bijli forced Sapna to burn herself and tells whole incident. Bhaskar says he did not do anything, Sapna was not getting pregnant, so Tarika brought Bijli to bear child. Tarika also says she did not do anything and it is sapna’s wished to bring Bijli. She brings extramarital bond papes and says Sapna has clearly written in detail about it and has signed. She tried even before to suicide and herself should be blamed.

Nirjhara asks not to listen to Tarika, she forced Sapna to suicide. Inspector says then what about these papers. Sarojini says Sapna is illiterate and Tarika took her thumb impression with trick. Inspector says he will take Sapna’s statement and then will decide. Once he leaves, Tarika taunts Sarojini that she cannot win over her. Nirjhara says she is doing sin. Tarika says she did good instead as Sapna is infertile. Doc comes out and says who told she is infertile, Sapna was pregnant and due to this accident, she got miscarriage. She is fertile and can bear child. Nirjhara starts crying more vigorously.

Sarojini scolds Bhaskar that Sapna is pregnant with his child, but he did injustice with her. Nirjhara slaps Bhaskar and pushes Bilji to get out. Bijli asks if she has gone mad. Nirjhara shouts because of her, she lost her grandchild. Bijli says if she will get her payment, she will go from here. Sarojini asks what payment. Bijli says she came here for money, else her business was set in kotha. Tarika says Bijli is right, she brought her on rent till she bears child. Sarojini asks Tarika to pay herself. Nirjhara asks what is her rent. Bijli says half of property. Dadaji asks if she has gone mad. Bijli says she is not joking and needs half property.

Indira comes and tells that Sapna is awake now. Sarojini with others run into Sapna’s room and asks if she is fine. Nirjhara goes to bring food for Sapna. Sarojini asks Sapna why did she take such an extreme step. Sapna says she does not know how she got burnt.

Precap: Samar pleads Sarojini and Nirjhara to send Indira with him as he has changed. He hits his head on wall and says he will not stop until they agree.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This show become nasty day by day.stop it .

  2. This Taarka is too much. And that stupid line she says that she keeps everyone under her thumb is very stupid. Her thumb must be big like the blasted house. And that samar. He is a nasty beast he deserves to be in hell. Stop this serial from getting more disgusting please. It is too much

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