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Sarojini 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Golu getting ready for school and wishing Sarojini all the best for her BEd results. Maama says he will get her results. Sarojini says her friend will inform via phone, she will get it later. Once she leaves to drop Golu, Dushyanth’s politician friend enters with his goons and breaks house furnitures. Maama asks who are they. Politician tells his niece Sarojini is thinking too big and trying to lure Soumendra. If mama does not stop her, he will come back and break whole house. Mama says Sarojini’s marriage is fixed with his brother-in-law’s son Mayank. Politician says Mayank or patang, if he does not get him married to Sarojini and if she traps Soumendra, it will be not good for them.

Sapna gets ready with makeup and perfume to lure Bhaskar and

get pregnant. Bhaskar comes out of bathroom and gets attracted smelling perfurme. He holds her hand when Dushyanth calls him and he runs out.

Sarojini reaches home and is shocked to see whole house ransacked. Mami starts yelling at her that because of her, her house is ransacked. Maama asks maami not to blame Sarojini and tells Sarojini that Soumendra’s uncle had come and broken all furnitures and warned her not to meet Soumendra, else he will ruin their lives. Sarojini thinks why would soumendra’s uncle do that. Maami warns sarojini to marry Mayank, else she will not keep quiet. Maama suggests her not to meet Soumendra.

Bhaskar tells family about Dushyanth’s politician breaking sarojini’s house furniture and warning family and says he did right. Daada says if Soumendra loves that girl, he should marry her. Nirjhara asks him to not anger Dushyanth, else their lives will be in hell.

Soumendra comes to Sarojini’s house and asks her to open it. She says she will not. He says if she does not, he will break door. Maami yells at first, but then asks her to open door as she cannot let even door broken. Sarojini open door and Soumendra falls on her. Their eyes lock. Maami gets angry and shouts at Soumendra to get up and says he trapped his niece and then sent his goon uncle to break furniture. He asks what happened. She tells whole incidence and says his uncle even warned that he will kill whole family. Soumendra thinks Dushyanth must have done that. Maami asks him to get out. Soumendra says he will marry Sarojini at any cost. Maami pours kerosene on her and says Sarojini if she does not marry Mayank, she will burn herself.

Soumendra says he will show what it is to be in love and cuts his wrist. He walks subconsciously without noticing Dushyanth. Dushyanth thinks Sarojini must have done something to him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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