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Scene 1:
Location: On the road
The lady is shocked to hear sarojini’s words. she retorts her to stay within her affairs, and secondly he isnt a responsible officer, and he just wanted to extort money from an influential person. She says that she wont allow her to get away with the law. the lady continues to defend herself. sarojini doesnt take any excuse. She says that she herself saw what speed she was driving at. The lady retorts that it isnt a crime. sarojini remembers soumu’s death as a road accident, and says that anything could have happened. the lady defiantly says that nothing happened, so there is no need for overreaction. the poli ce says that she shall be allowed to go only after a fine. the lady silently complies, fuming at sarojini. she leaves in a huff and gets in the

car. the officer then thanks sarojini, while she thanks him for being so responsible and honest, without being scared. then she remembers that she has to reach the hotel to meet rishab and rushes.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel
Rishab checks in the hotel, reminding them that they need to say that he has been staying here for the past 4 days. she comes behind him, saying that this isnt required. the lady turns out to be the same person, who sarojini had a scuffle with earlier. he is shocked, and takes her blessings. he tries to cover it up, while she smirks at him. she says that she neednt clear anything, as she knows very well what he is doing here and that he isnt staying here. he wonders what to do now. she asks him not to make excuses, as she has to discuss something really important. he takes her to the room, for the same. on the way, she talks about how secret police had come to the investigation. she says that the lady came there as the census lady. she narrates everything how she had come, wanting to know of all the people who stay here, and how she had told that she stays here with her son. the lady does her investigation and then leaves. he asks her to go in the room, and then discuss further. they move towards their room.

Sarojini arrives and asks the receptionist about rishab check in. she starts seeing the vistor’s register, and finds that he has requested that no visitors are allowed, despite her pleading. sarojini turns away disappointed. Sarojini arrives at the desk, and enquires about rishab’s room number, oblivious of the lady being his aunt.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence and Hotel
all are tensed, but maai is tensed about rishab’s condition. bhaskar is enraged at sarojini’s stupidity, and continues to point out as to how he can return the money, if he has to. their son in law also reprimands sarojini for the same. dadaji tries to clarify that she isnt wrong. soumu’s mother claims that it isnt just about the money, and that there was cheer in the house, when he was around. she gets nostalgic and explains how she felt attached to him. dadaji asks her not to be tensed, as there is still the hope when sarojini gets him back. when it starts getting late, and she doesnt return with him, they start getting all the more tensed. to put their mind at ease, they call sarojini. She receives the call, and nirjhara speaks to sarojini who informs her about rishab’s check in. bhaskar gets enraged , while they all calm him down somehow. nirjhara is extremely upset. Sarojini asks her not to worried, as she would do anything to get him back. at home, bhaskar is fuming, but they all try and calm him down. dadaji has particular faith in sarojini.

Meanwhile, sarojini says that she shall try her best to find about rishab. she is scared at having been seen by the manager. the manager comes around, and then asks her, if she has any problem in her stay here. she says that she doesnt have a problem. then she remembers her dilemma about the phone number, and room 102 mentioned in the register and asks for the first floor. she gets the directions and starts going.

Meanwhile, in the room, she asks rishab to tell the truth as to where he was actually staying. He says the truth. She asks why, and that he needs to be away from them, and he is staying at their house, and for what plausible cause. she asks whether he realises how risky it is, and what if they know about him. he says that he knows, but he cant be an escapist, and that this is the reason he went there, as he had no other choice. she says that all is okay, but noone should know that day what happened, or else their reputation shall be ruined. he says that he shall divert them, as they would doubt him as the last person on earth. she asks whats the need to do this, when she had bribed the police to turn the case in their favour. He says that he doesnt just mean to turn the case in her favour, but to win it too, by winning their hearts and impressing them, and once he wins them over, maybe they forget his death, and can move on in life. she nudges him, and asks him why is he so tensed, as whatever had to happen did happen, as so many road accidents happend, and it was their bad luck, and that guy had to die, and if not theirs, it would have been someone else’s car. She says that it was their bad luck that it was their car. she says that instead of repenting, he should be proud he is doing this for the family. she asks him to do whatever he wants, but this case should be withdrawn within a week. he complies. Just then, sarojini after much searching steps in, and they are shocked. Sarojini eyes them tensedly. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: rishab asks her, whats she doing here. she says that he neednt stay here, and that she is extremely apologetic for what happened, and that she wants him to come home. he says that he doesnt know whether he shall come back, maybe he might, and maybe he wont. she is apalled. later, sarojini tries to step in the house, but bhaskar stops her entry back, shocking them all. he says that first rishab shall come, after that she shall gain her entry. they are all aghast, while sarojini is stunned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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