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Sarojini 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini telling Dushyanth that she is sure he kidnapped Indira and will save Indira at aany cost. She takes Nirjhara with her saying she will give police complaint against him. Daadi asks Dushyanth to stop them. Dushyanth smirks and says let them go.

Dushyanth guru lures his disciplines with his fake gyaan when Soumendra with dadaji enters holding gun and asks guru/baba to tell where he he has hidden Indira, else he will blow his head. B says he does not know anything. Soumendra checks whole ashram and warns baba if he finds he is involved in this, he will not be spared. Once Soumendra leaves, baba smirks and asks disciples to relax.

Courier boy brings parcel for Sarojini. Manu takes it saying she is Sarojini and sees it is sent by Keshav mama from Delhi.


with Nirjhara reaches police station to complain against Dushyanth for kidnapping Indira, but inspector laughs on them and says Dushyanth considers his daughter as devi, then why will he kidnap her. She asks them not to tell anyone, else people will laugh on them and sends them out without registering FIR.

At home, Soumendra tells Nirjhara that he will not spare Dushyanth for harming his sister and holds gun. Sarojini sees kumkum on his chappals and asks where had he been. He says to guruji’s ashram. Sarojini reminisces when Dushyanth was trying to hit Nirjhara with chappal, he had kumkum on his chappal. She tells Indira must be around guruji’s ashram for sure. Soumendra rushes towards ashram with h.

Manu opens parcel and looks at Keshav’ mama’s sent lehanga choli for Sarojini.

Bhaskar asks guruji to start Indira’s purification pooja. Soumendra and Sarojini reach ashram and start searching for Indira. Dadaji and Nirjhara also follow them and search Indira. Guruji finishes pooja and asks to take Indira near lake for immersion. Soumendra and party continue searching Indira. Dushyanth sees Goonga hearing their conversation and ties his extremities and mouth. Soumendra and Dadaji see goonga and free him. Goonga says he heard Dushyanth and team talking about taking Indira behind ashram’s lake. Soumendra informs Sarojini and rushes towards ashram.

Indira pleads Dushyanth to spare him, but he says he is crying seeing her condition, but cannot help. Guruji says it is time for devi’s immersion.

Precap: Dushyath says Indira that she will be prayed even after her immersion and throws her into lake. Sarojini reaches spot and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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