Sarojini 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara forcefully sending Indira with Samar. Sarojini calls Soumendra and informs him about Sapna and Indira’s problems. Inebriated Soumendra says problems can come to any person and there is no big issue about it. Sarojini asks how can he tell like this, Sapna and Indira are in trouble and it is his due to help them. She asks about his health. He says he is fine and disconnects call.

Samar takes Indira to a room and says now she will be punished for eloping from house. Indira sees woman peeping from adjacent room and asks who is she. Samar shouts at woman to go in. He forces Indira to sleep on needles on bed. He then brings wet bedsheet and dorns on her and pours ice on it.

Sarojini tells Nirjhara that she did injustice on Indira by sending her with Samar, Samar is a beast and must be torturing her. Nirjhara feels sad. Sarojini says she will go to Samar’s house right now and bring Indira back. Nirjhara asks what about Sapna. Sarojini says she will be back soon.

Bhaskar enters his room and tells Bijli it is time for him to enjoy. She says not so early and starts luring him.

Samar continues torturing Indira. Sarojini reaches there and calls if anyone inside. She does not get response, so she calls inspector and and seeks his help. Samar comes out to check. Sarojini enters room and rescues Indira. Samar comes back and shouts he will not let her take his wife. Sarojini says police on call and if he harms them, he will be arrested. She takes Indira from there locking Samar in a room. They both then run on road searching for transport.

Tarika taunts Sapna that her life is waste now and she would have burnt herself last time instead of seeing her husband with other woman. Sapna goes to kitchen and burns herself. Gas cylinder bursts and family runs towards kitchen. Sarojini and Indira are seen running towards home on road.

Precap: Doctor checks Sapna and says she was pregnant and had miscarriage due to fire accident. Sarojini tells inspector that Bhaskar, Tarika and Bijli are responsible for Sapna’s condition and he should arrest them. Inspector says he will after taking Sapna’s statement.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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