Sarojini 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol saying he will change rules of Sarojini’s house. Soumendra says he is right and orders Sarojini to be in ghunghat, else get ready for punishment. He tells he has ordered competition arrangers that Anmol will be one of judge. Amma gets tensed while Anmol happily hugs Soumendra. Soumendra says at least he can do that for his elder brother. Amma takes Sarojini to her room and says if she competes, Anmol will kill her. Sarojini asks why is she afraid of Anmol so much and assures that Anmol will not see her till the end and will not scold her seeing her.

Soumendra goes to Anmol’s room, picks property papers and clicks its pics. Anmol enters speaking over phone and asks what is he searching in his cupboard. Soumendra says he needs money and keeps

papers back silently. Anmol says to tell what he needs really. Soumendra nervously says why would he lie to his brother. Anmol gives him drugs. Soumendra asks what is this. Anmol says he knows he wants drugs and forces him to sniff it in front of him. Soumendra hesitates, but forcefully sniffs it thinking he has to do it for Sarojini and family. Anmol says he have him pure drugs and asks him to walk carefully to his room. Soumendra walks with wobbly gait.

Soumendra goes to Sarojini’s room and hugs her from behind. She reciprocates subconsciously. He asks if she was missing him. She says yes and realizes he is Munna. She beats him with stick and shouts how dare he is to touch her. He says he is Soumendra and could not hide the secret for long. She says he cannot be Soumendra as he is inebriated. He says he was forced to take drugs. She shouts to get out of her room and he leaves sadly.

Nirjhara congratulates Sarojini for taking part in competition and says she will win for sure. Anmol passes by talking to his men over phone to get consignment boxes home. He tells Sarojini he is the judge of competition and she will not participate. Sarojini says both she and his amma will compete.

Anmol’s workers bring drug consigment home and praise him that nobody will doubt that drugs are in this home. Sarojini passes by and asks who are these men. He shouts it is none of her business. A box falls and doll comes out of it. Sarojini picks it. Dadaji and other family members come out and ask what is this. Anmol says he sells dolls and his mom stitches its clothes. Sarojini asks what is in doll. Soumendra comes and says nobody should question Anmol bhai.

Precap: During competition, Sarojini and amma talk. Munna shouts this is cheating and they will not get marks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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