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The episode starts with Dushyanth telling family that they are going to MLA Sangram Singh’s house today to see his daughter and asks ladies to watch MLA’s house carefully. Daada says he will not come wearing old clothes. Dushyanth yells at him and asks Bhskar to get him clothes from laundry. Daada says he will not wear worn clothes. Dushyanth says he will not waste his money on him. Sapna serves him rotis. He says he will spend money on Sapna as she is giving him grandchild. Sapna gets nervous. He asks why is she getting nervous since giving pregnancy news. She says it is pregnancy change.

Sapna runs to her room and Bhaskar follows. He asks what will they tell Dushyanth now. She says if she gets pregnant even 1-2 months later, they can handle situation. He says he will come

at night secretly and meet her daily. Dushyanth knocks door and orders Bhaskar not to enter his room until 2 months and then take Sapna to lady doctor. Bhaskar says he will come to check her health. Dushyanth says he can check via letter and sends him out. Sapna thinks without mating with Bhaskar, how will she get pregnant.

Maama does not come home from factory even at night and maami gets worried. She asks Mayank to file police complaint. He says they have to wait for 24 hours. Sarojini also gets worried and calls Soumendra for help. Soumendra thinks she accepted his love and picks call. She says her mama did not come home and she needs him to accompany her to mama’s factory. He agrees and meets her.

They both reach mama’s factory, but guard does not allow them in and says Keshav/mama went home long ago. Sarojini sees her umbrella which mama took in the morning and shows it to soumendra. Soumendra breaks door and asks guard why did he lie. He gets dushyanth’s call and picks it. Guard senses opportunity and elopes from there. Soumendra with Sarojini then enters factory and sees mama unconscious on floor. He picks mama and tries to leave when goons attack him. He beats goons and they escape. He then picks mama again and walks out of factory. Sarojini gets impressed and her heart melts towards him.

They both then take mama to hospital and get him admitted. Sarojini informs maami and gets worriedly says she will come there right now. Sarojini asks her not to worry, she will come home with mama in the morning and soumendra is with her anyways. In the morning, Sarojini brings mama home. Factory owner also comes and praises Soumendra that he saved Keshav on time and fought with goons and security guard. Some people were stealing from his factory and Keshav caught them red-handed, so they attacked Keshav. He promotes keshav as manager and leaves asking him not to forget to thank Soumendra.

Sarojini reminisces Soumendra fighting with goons and saving mama and thinks how to apologize him. Soumendra in his room tells his friend whatever his father tries, he will marry only Sarojini. Someone knocks door and he thinks it is tea vendor and asks to come in. Sarojini enters and gets shy seeing soumendra shirtless. Soumendra hides under bedsheet and wears shirt. She says he left his phone, so she came to return it. He says she did good and introduces his roommate friend. Friend says he will get rasgullas and goes out. Soumendra asks her if she loves her now. She says no and then says yes.

Precap: Soumendra gets Dushyanth’s MMS in which he fixes Soumendra’s marriage with MLa’s daughter and says he will get her married to Soumendra in 15 days. Sarojini also watches MMS and they both are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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