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Sarojini 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Soumendra telling family that he will find out reason behind Sarojini’s scabies. Dadaji says he will also accompany him. Dadi asks why is he trying to become james bond at this age and asks him to rest. Dadaji says he will find out at any cost and follows Soumendra to Sarojini’s room. Indira asks Sarojini if she is fine now. Sarojini from bathroom says she is fine now and comes out of it. Soumendra finds scabies powder on Sarojini’s bed and says he knows who must have done it. He comes down and hears Bhaskar telling family that Soumendra should not know about it. He asks what he must not know and pushes Bhaskar on Sarojini’s feet and says Sarojini that her jeth is apologizing her for sprinkling scabies powder on her sari. Bhaskar agrees that

he did it. Soumendra drags Bhaskar to cow shed and pushes him on cow dung. Nijhara asks why is he misbehaving with his elder brother. Soumendra says everyone knows he cannot see anyone troubling Sarojini. Bhaskar says he will not spare Sarojini and rushes towards her. Soumendra stops him and they both start fighting. Bhaskar hits him on this bullet wound and Soumendra falls unconscious on cow dung.

Sarojini rushes towards Soumendra, but Nirjhara stops her and starts yelling that Soumendra fought with his elder brother because of her. Dadaji asks Bhaskar to bring jeep. Bhaskar says why should he when Soumendra wanted to kill him. Dushyanth slaps Bhaskar and orders him to bring jeep. Sarojini tries to tocuh Soumendra, but Dushyanth stops her. Bhaskar brings jeep. Dushyanth and Nirjhara get into jeep carrying Soumendra. Sarojini tries to get in, but Nijhara stops her and starts yelling that Soumendra’s condition is because of her and she should never touch Soumendra and jeep leaves throwring Sarojini on ground.

At hospital, doc tells Dushyanth that Soumendra got pus in his wound due to cow dung and mud and needs to be operated. Nirjhara starts crying. Dadi consoles her.

Sarojini with Indira and Dadaji performs pooja and prays for Soumendra. Phone rings, Indira picks phone and daadi tells Soumendra is fine now. Indira informs Sarojini that because of her pooja, soumendra is fine now. Dadaji prays to keep Soumendra’s marriage protected. Sangram singh enters and says even that will happen. Dadaji gets tensed, but goes and meets him. Sarojini greets Sangram. Dadaji asks Sarojini to bring water for Sangram and she goes in. Sangram asks who is this girl. Dadaji says she is Sarojini. Sangram asks why house is not decorated for marriage and where is Dushyanth. Dadaji asks marriage??? Samgram asks if he forgot that he came to his home with Soumendra’s alliance for his daughter. Sarojini is shocked to hear that and drops water glass.

Precap: Sangram singh reaches hospital and asks Dushyanth why did he hide such a big thing from him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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