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Sarojini 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu giving poison to Sapna and asking her to mix it in Sarojini’s food. Sarojini speaks to Sarojini from window and Sarojini tells how Manu lied about her memory loss and fake bullet inury. They both shed some emotional tears together.

Sapna mixes poison in Sarojini’s food. Nirjhara comes and asks if thali is for Manu. Sapna nods yes. They both go out and see Manu sitting on dining table with other family members. Nirjhara says Manu that her food is kept in her room. Manu says she will have food here itself. Nirjhara says then she will give it to Sarojini. Dadaji feels sad for Sarojini. Manu says she will take back complaint if Sarojini goes back to Delhi and leave honey bunny/Soumendra for her. Soumendra says shut up and then changes tone

and says Sarojini made a mistake and should be punished. He knew Manu would not shoot him, but Sarojini interfered and took law in her hand. Manu gets happy.

Constable yells that he is very hungry and nobody even gave him water till now. Nirjhara brings food for Sarojini, gives her and leaves. Sarojini sees constable hungry and gives thali to him.

Soumendra tries to lure Manu to get truth out. Manu points knife on his neck and says his fake drama will not work on her.

Bhaskar passes by Sarojini’s room and sees constable dead on floor with froth coming out of his mouth. He calls whole family and shows constable to them. Sarojini asks to take constable to hospital first. Manu comes and alleges Sarojini that she killed constable to escape. Sarojini shouts she does not have any right to allege her. Manu says she will and says wait and watch what she can do.

Inspector comes with team and says he came for investigation. Nirjhara says she does not know who mixed poison. Inspector says he did not speak about poison, that means she mixed it and asks constable to arrest her. Soumendra says he knows his amma is innocent and someone mixed poison to kill Sarojini and instead of investigating, he is forcing his decisions at once. Inspector asks constable to lock Nirjhara also into Sarojini’s room.

Nirjhara is pushed into Sarojini’s room. She starts crying vigorously. Sarojini says she trusts her and knows she did not mix poison.

Sapna asks Manu why did not she tell that she gave poison. Manu asks if she thought it was laxative and says Sarojini will be killed at any cost.

Precap: Sarojini tells everyone that Manu acted as suffering memory loss and she does not have any bullet wound. Manu shows fake bullet wound. Sarojini is shocked seeing it and Dushyanth smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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