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The episode starts with goon trying to beat Sarojini and asking who will save her now. A man interferes and says he will save Sarojini. Sarojini reminisces he is the same man who gave her flowers. Man instead of fighting starts befriending with goons. Sarojini asks what is he doing. He asks her to trust her and starts playing cards with goons. Sarojini thinks how can he be so confident. Man wins. Goon starts arguing. Man says if he does not want to hear peacefully, he knows to fight and stands in karate pose. Another goon says he saw movies where karate guys are very tough and beat goons, if they don’t run from there, he will beat them. All 3 goons run from there. Man praises Sarojini that she is very courageous and if all women are like her, nobody will dare to confront

them. She says she did not see him before. He says he is Bhaskar’s new tenant.

Bhaskar takes man home and introduces man to family as Rashab, their new paying guest. Dadaji asks how can he take any decision without informing family. Nirjhara asks him to sit. Dadaji takes Bhaskar, Sapna, and Sarojini in and asks Bhaskar why did he keep tentant without taking his permission. Daadi asks Rishab why he chose their house. He says he felt it is better to stay in someone’s house than staying in hotel as he is a family man. Dadaji says they don’t need tenant. Bhaskar says Rishab is from a rich business family and he will get good business opportunities from Rishab. Dadaji opposes. Bhaskar asks if he would have opposed if Soumendra had brought tenant. Dadaji scolds him not to compare him to Soumendra.

Rishab assures Daadi that he is from a well cultured family and will not trouble them. Nirjhara gives him tea. He says he needed tea after traveling and after sipping praises that mother’s tea is always very tasty. He says needs to ask them questions to know them better.

Bhaskar yells that Soumendra did so many wrong things, even then Dadaji is praising Soumendra. Dadaji says Soumendra was not greedy like Bhaskar and always valued relationships. Bhaskar says Soumendra is gone now and only he has right to decide now. Dadaji says he is owner of this house and his decision is final. Bhaskar says that boy will stay here. Rishabh hears that and stands up. Sarojini asks Bhaskar not to argue with Dadaji. Sapna takes Bhaskar’s side. Daadi enters with Rishab. Rishab says they don’t have to fight among themselves because of him, he does not want to ruin their peace. He likes to stay between family and learn culture from them, but it seems not possible now, so will go.

Precap: Lady constable calls Sarojini and informs that she saw man who killed Soumendra and he wears gold and silver bracelet with silver ring. Rishab comes in front of Sarojini wearing same bracelet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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