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Sarojini 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tarika decorating Bhaskar’s bed with flowers and saying he will stay with Bijli from today until he gets a child. Bhaskar praises her that he thought she is a waste body, but she is thinking good for him. Nirjhara comes and and asks Bhaskar why is he doing injustice with Sapna, god will not forgive him. She requests Tarika not to ruin her son’s life. Tarika strangulates her neck with rope and says she is helping her son get a baby instead and warns her to stay away.

Sarojini comes home with Sapna and enters Bhaskar’s room. Bijli asks why did she come in and taunts that she wanted her to get out of her, but she will stay with Bhaskar in this room. Sarojini says this is Sapna’s room and she has her emotions attached and she will not let Bijli or anybody ruin
her life. Tarika shouts if Sapna does not have any problem, then why she is creating problem. She sends them both out.

Sarojini asks Sapna how can she allow Bijli stay with Bhaskar. Sapna says when Bhaskar does not want her, what she can do. Sarojini prays god to show her a way.

Sarojini brings water drum home and says her room tap is not working, so he brought it. Tarika feels something is wrong. Sarojini then closes door and gets out Indira. Indira hugs her and cries and requests her not to send her back to Samar. Sarojini says he will not come here. Samar comes and asks Nirjhara where is Indira. She says se does not know. He asks where is drum in this house. Tarika says Sarojini’s room. He enters Sarojini’s room and drags Indira out.

Indira pleads family not to send her with Samar as he tortures her a lot. Sarojini tells he has made her life hell. Indira says Sarojini is telling truth. Nirjhara says girl once married, only her deadbody should return from her husband’s house and forcefully sends Indira with Samar.

Precap: Samar tortures Indira by forcefully making her sleep on nails and pours ice cubes on her. Indira shivers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. smh @ Nirjhara…you sent your child back in torture? I am getting turned off this show slowly.

  2. I have a question here, does ZTV love to show soaps with SADISTIC SCENES? Or is this the normal norm in certain areas of INDIA. What’s going on with the BRAINS of these INDIAN PRODUCERS AND WRITERS AND DIRECTORS.?

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wow bossman…tnx my exact feelings frm so long!! I am so glad u agree.Zee actualy promotes violence abuse disrespect of women…wonder wich parts of india is tis really happening??? Fed up wit lately alot of lady MaaBaker mafia style ladies lolllll

  4. Boss Man,
    you are right . almost all the dramas on zee tv today portray extreme violence against women and children. Sarojini started off nicely but now its filled with hate and sadism.
    cant we have just one drama that is funny , enjoyable and filled with fun.

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