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Sarojini 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manu coming back and telling Soumendra that he should marry only her. Soumendra takes her to a room, locks door, and says she was mad behind money and now came back. He shows her video of accepting 100 crores from Susie. He says if he will show this video to police, she will go to jail. She holds his leg and says she needs him and not money. He drags her out. She says she cannot live without him. He asks her to get out, else go to jail. Dushyanth thinks it is good if this problem goes out forever. Daadi asks Soumendra to rethink as Manu loves him. He says she does not know Manu. Manu shouts it was fake money and not real. He drags her out and locks door.

Indira sees bed decorated with flowers and gets nervous. Samar comes. She asks what is all this. He

says it is for them to enjoy, gives her revealing nightie and asks her to change. She gets more nervous and reminisce his possesivity. He removes his sherwani and walks towards her. She gets tensed, breaks bottle and asks him to stay away, else she will stab him, she does not want him to touch her before marriage. He points bottle towards his neck and injures neck himself. He then says he was just testing her and sleeps on floor. She asks what about these flowers. He says it is for their suhagraat. Indira gets impressed.

Dushyanth tells family that he does not want mad Manu back in this house and says Susie her and Soumendra’s marriage will happen as per schedule. Susie asks what about Indira. He says she ruined his dignity and is not welcome again in this house.

Sarojini goes to Soumendra’s room and says she is worried about Indira. He says she looks good smiling, he knows she is worried about his family, he promises that he will bring back Indira soon.

Dushyanth picks slipper and threatens Nirjhara to laugh. She cries more. Soumendra enters and asks what is he doing. Dushyanth says trying to make her smile. He asks by showing slipper? Dushyanth says she understands only slipper language and if they look tense, guests will doubt them. Soumendra says how they laugh in tension, he will search and bring Indira.

Manu meets Daadi as Susie’s sister Musie wearing wig. She brings her home and tells Dushyanth she brought Sooji madam’s sister moojie. Manu removes her goggles and wig. Dushyanth picks slipper and asks her to get out. She says just like she wore wig and became Musie, Sarojini wore wig and became Susie. Dushyanth shouts not to play with his 5000 crore lottery. She says it is loss and not lottery and tells she waited in Delhi airport for a long time and nobody turned up. She got a doubt and checked money and found it fake. Dushyanth says Susie tricked her and who will give her 100 crores. Manu says she even went to Sarojini’s mama’s house disguised as beggar and enquired maami about Sarojini. Maami says she Sarojini is in her in-laws house in Pratapgarh. Dushyanth looks at her suspiciously.

Precap: Manu suggests Dushyanth to invite Sarojini for Susie’s marriage and they both are seen together, then she may be wrong. Dushyanth hears that and informs Susie/Sarojini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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