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Sarojini 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara telling Dushyanth that Soumendra loves someone else and asks him to rethink about Soumendra’s marriage with MLA’s daughter for Soumendra’s happiness. Dushyanth says in childhood, Soumendra used to love snake and scorpio, that means should he get him married to snake. He shouts at her to get out from there, else he will slap. Daada asks what if Soumendra marries girl of his choice. Dushyanth shouts at him to stop his black tongue and says if soumendra comes with any girl, he will bury them in front of house. He continues insulting daada and asks if daada or enemy. Dada leaves unable to bear his yelling.

Sarojini asks Soumendra to stop thinking about her as she will never marry him. He shows her name tattoo on his hand and says he will marry

only her. She says she did not give him permission to inscribe her name. He says he does not need her permission.

Indira with Nijhara and daadi comes wearing redi sari. Dushyanth calls her devi, touches her feet, and asks her to bless his house her whole life. Daada says Indira has grown up now and he should get her married. Dushyanth starts shouting at daada again and says his wealth is because of Indira and he will not let her go. Daada thinks he insults women and even calls them devi, he just wants to hold them in his clutch.

Soumendra asks Sarojini why can’t she marry him. She says their worlds are different. He challenges her that he will force her to marry him.

Dushyanth gathers his family and says they should all be in discipline and follow his orders. He says even Soumendra’s wife should follow his rules. Nirjhara says Soumendra’s wife is rich girl and will not obey him. He says he will cut her feathers like he cut Sapna’s. Sapna starts vomiting and says she thinks she is pregnant. Dushyanth asks her to repeat. She repeats. He starts dancing happily, gives money bundle to Bhaskar and asks him to distribute sweets in whole village. Sapna asks if she can go to her parent’s house. He says not till 6 months and then only come after 6 months with baby. Bhaskar thinks without him, how can Sapna get pregnant. He brings sweets and distributes to all villagers. Daada thinks dushyanth also has soft heart. Dushyanth goes to home temple and tells god’s idol that he is not happy as Soumendra is playing love game instead of studying in Delhi.

Bhaskar goes to his room and asks Sapna if she cheated on him. She starts crying and says she lied to go to her parent’s house and says if he had come to room every night, she should not have lied. He gets shocked and says he will come to room daily for 15 days and will make her pregnant.

Sarojini tells Soumendra that she has to marry Mayank. He says he will not let it happen. She says she is an orphan and mama/maami bought her up, so she has to repay them by marrying Mayank. Soumendra says why she wants to sacrifice herself and marry joker mayank. She says mayank loves him. He says mayank does not love him and shows captured video where mayank accepts that he does not love Sarojini and just wants to marry her and bear children. Sarojini starts crying seeing mayank’s confession.

Sarojini reaches home. Mayank’s mom meets her and says she is waiting for her to come home as bahu. Mayank asks where was she and why did not she pick his phone. She says she was busy. Maami says mayank brought her jalebi and kachori and she should have them before they get cold. Sarojini reminisces Mayank’s confession and says she will have them later. Maami asks her to call mama. She calls and his phone is switched off. Once she leaves, Mayank tells maami that she is very arrogant and once he marries her, he will torture her. Mom signals him to stop.

Precap: Sarojini gets worried for mama when his phone is not reachable. She reaches his factory with Soumendra and finds him unconscious on floor. Goons try to attack them, Soumendra beats goons and carries maama from factory. Sarojini gets impressed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Precap: How come Sarojini is with Soumendra at the factory, would assume she’ll be with Mayank for this.

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