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Sarojini 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirjhara stopping Dushynath from slapping Indira. She says till today he used worship her as goddess & now he’s going to slap her. Angry Dushynath goes to slap Nirjhara instead when Somu roars saying his name. He says she’s his mother if he hurts her he’ll spare him. Daadi says Nijhara did sin by stopping her husband. Sapna too tunes with her & leaves.
Dushynath is fuming in his room recalling what happened few minutes ago. All come in his room. Manu says he has no control on family members now and all are doing what they want. She says even his own wife is defaming her. Nijhara is mourning for doing so, she says she just wants to see Indira happy. Saro says she did the righteous act by fulfilling her duty as a mother. She adds that babuji must

have felt bad but it was necessary.
On the other hand, daadi is provoking Dushynath against Saro. Daadaji says Dushynath hasn’t realized his mistake yet, he is just a puppet of Guruji. Nirjhara agrees with him saying if guruji asks him to sacrifice his daughter he may even do that. She gets worried for Indira.

Dushynath says he will do purification of Indira & teach saro lesson too. Indira is crying in fear. Somu consoles her. Saro says they will find a solution for her. She smiles then feeling relieved.

Somini comes to store room where they find a box. Saro suggests to make use of it. Somu tells her to go out or she’ll be in trouble if anyone finds her here. Saro leaves. Daadi & Manu preparing kheer for somu. They mixes something like sugar in it. Manu says daadi to take it to him as he will eat it from her hand not hers. Nirjhara comes there and asks what is in her hand. Daadi mocks her saying she has no business here rather she should be with saro and leaves. Nirjhara becomes upset.

Somu is sitting in hall when daadi brings the kheer & asks him to eat prasad. He asks what’s it. She lies that it is Jwala Devi’s prasad, she went there to pray for happiness and stability of the family. Somu goes to feed her but she refuses. Somu still insists. Daadi says she has taken tea just now and it’ll have bad effect. Just when she’s about to feed him Saro comes there to inform that Guruji has come. Daadi says she will have to welcome him. She feeds him the kheer quickly. Manu peeps & says happily now the delhiwali will not be able to keep him away and they’ll connect with each other. Somu asks daadi to stop as he can’t ear much prasad. Saro beckons him and he nods.

Guruji bless Dushynath. Rest of the family bends in front of him. Nirjhara brings water for Guruji. Somini also comes there. Manu looks at somu longingly. But he looks away. Dushynath says their goddess needs to be purified. He asks him to take offering while he will go to bring Indira to him. Dushynath is looking for Indira in room but doesn’t find her there. He looks everywhere but in vain. He asks Nirjhara Indira’s whereabouts. Sapna says she was in her room 15 minutes ago. Dushynath tells to search her. Somini sees each other nervously. The searching goes on. Bhaskar tells Dushynath that they didn’t see her anywhere. Sapna says she can’t get out of house. Dushynath says he knows where she can be & tells them to go as he will bring her. He comes to the store room and calls out for Indira saying she used to hide here in infant. He sees the box where Indira is kept. Inside, she prays to God to save her.
Somini comes there.somu says Indira isn’t here. Dushynath asks who asked him to come here. He lifts the lid of box but gets to see a rug there only. Somu asks if he’s satisfied now as there are nothing inside except rugs & clothes. Dushynath says worriedly where she can go. Somu says she must have left home due to his torture. Saro asks Dushynath to send back Guruji as Indira doesn’t need any purification. Somu says the burden of being Goddess was troubling Indira for long so today she left them. Dushynath points gun at him angrily. All come there and shocked to see the scene in front of them.

Dushynath says that he’s well-known of the fact that they did it only. He asks where Indira is else he’ll fire. Nirjhara pleads him to leave somu. Saro asks how can he kill his son to make his daughter Devi. Dushynath orders Bhaskar to take Nirjhara from there. Manu holds Saro, who asks if she gone mad. Dushynath says he’ll count till three & if somu doesn’t spill he’ll fire. He starts counting. Everyone is tensed. Indira thinks inside that somu’s life is in risk because of her. She tries to come out which is noticed by somu. He runs to sit on the box to stop her from coming out. He says to Dushynath if he gets Indira killing him then let it be. Dushynath says in mind that he’s his father, he can’t defeat him. He orders Bhaskar to announce in village that Indira wont be Devi now. Nijhara smiles in relief. Dushynath says Indira has betrayed them all & slipped from the position of goddess so they won’t worship her anymore. He says they will not keep her in home any longer and will merge her im water like everyone merges Devi’s idol after Pooja. All are distraught hearing this.

Update Credit to: BlackSwan

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