Sarojini 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarojini telling Soumendra that they should take Indira’s opinion regarding her marriage. Soumendra sits tensely. Sarojini asks what happened. He says police must be coming any time to arrest her. She says not to worry, nothing will happen to her. He says he does not want her to away from him. She says Manu is acting as suffering memory loss. When she forgot everything, how can she call her delhi wali. Soumendra also reminisces Manu calling Sarojini delhi wali and says he loves her a lot. They both hug each other and express their love. Their emotional romantic moments continue for sometime. They then hear Manu asking inspector to arrest Sarojini and go out to check.

Sangram greets Sarojini and asks inspector to arrest her for shooting his daughter.

Manu also shouts. Soumendra says he will not let him take Sarojini and says Manu tried to killed him first, kidnapped and even pointed gun on him. Inspector says he came on Manu’s complaint and he can give his statement in court. He asks him to back off and not intefere. Dushyanth says Soumendra is right, he cannot ake Sarojini without a lady constable and cannot keep her in unsafe lockup. He has to wait till Monday and can room arrest Sarojini. Sangram acts, but Dushyanth winks at him. Inspector asks to show a room and asks family to guard Sarojini and leaves. Manu happily hugs Sangram and says he is world’s best papa. Sangram asks her to take care of hersel and leaves. Manu then tries to hug Soumendra, but he pushes her and leaves.

Sarojini sits in store room crying and cursing her destiny. Soumendra sees her from window and feels sad. Constable guards store room.

In kitchen, Sapna happily tells Nirjhara that everything is sorted out now, Indira’s marriage is fixed. Nirjhara says she is happy for Nirjhara but worried for Sarojini. Sapna says Sarojini is staying here by fooling everyone and should be punished. Nirjhara says Sarojini does a lot for this house and she is jealous of her, so she is badmouthing about her and warns her not to ever try again.

Soumendra tries to enter store room, but constable stops him and says he can speak from window.

Manu gives poison to Sapna and asks her to mix it in Sarojini’s food and then thinks Sarojini will be dead soon.

Precap: Bhaskar sees constable dead outside store room with lather from his mouth and shows him to everyone. Manu asks Sarojini if she killed him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This serial is going from bad to worse.

  2. Pls writers don’t spoil this serial with evil winning over good. Allow Sarojini and Soumendra enjoy their marriage pls. Kkb hope u guys have improved.

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