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Sarojini 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Somendra and Sarojini’s argument. Sarojini asks him to go silently. Somendra says I am going for you, so that you don’t get bad publicity at your neighborhood. Somendra is busy exercising. His friend asks him to stop it. Somendra tells him about his meeting with Sarojini. He says he was enjoying, but didn’t enjoy today. His friend says we shall study now. Somendra says I will get more marks than you at the exams.

Swara talks to Nirjhara. Arundhati dadi comes. Bhaskar comes there. Swara thinks some miracle should happen and they shall get a baby. She thinks she didn’t go to her maternal’s home since 3 years and thinks Bhaskar comes with good news.

Bhaskar searches something in his room. Swara asks him to look at her and says today is a

good chance. Bhaskar asks what are you talking about? Swara says she has dressed up well and asks to give baby. she says it will be her ticket to go to her maternal home. Bhaskar says he have to keep an eye on the things as his father told him. He asks her to close the gold shop. Swara gets angry and thinks Bhaskar’s stuff should be stolen.

Mayank and Sarojini are in the temple. Mayank prays to God to save Sarojini and says he will give laddos. He open eyes and sees Sarojini near his bike. Sarojini says lets go. Dushyant reaches Delhi with servant and tells that they have to cross the road. He counts the numbers and crosses the road. Dushyant’s stops the traffic so that his men crosses the road. Mayank and Sarojini come on bike and tries to go, but Dushyant stops them as well.

Sarojini asks what is this drama? Why did you jam the traffic. Dushyant asks her to cooperate as they are crossing the road. Sarojini asks him to follow the rules. Mayank says you are doing too much now. Sarojini asks did you come from jungle? Dushyant says no, but he is a tiger. Sarojini warns to call the Police. Dushyant tells that he came to Delhi to meet his son. He asks the men to cross the road. Sarojini tells Mayank to drive fast as she don’t want to be late on first day. She reaches the school and Principal gives her file welcoming her. Sarojini thanks him.
She prays to God and says it is her first move towards her future of becoming teacher. She comes to class and greets the kids. She takes attendance and calls the student’s name. She calls Somendra Singh and is shocked to see Somendra as student among school kids. She recalls meeting him before and a flashback is shown.

Sarojini asks Somendra to get out and says she can’t teach him. All the students leave the class. Dushyant comes to room where Somendra stay.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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